Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Movie Review: 30 Days of Night


Featuring: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster

Genre: Horror

And I’m stopping here… for obvious reasons. Who would have thought Josh Hartnett was so desperate for a box office hit to star in a horror movie? Still wondering why he took the part. While the movie is bad, and it tops it all with a predictable lack of happy ending, that last part as cheesy as it was was the only decent enough part of the movie. Warning… not for those weak at heart… or who throw up easily.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vote for Alexei Yagudin

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Movie Review: Stardust


Featuring: Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Peter O'Toole, Rupert Everett, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Claire Danes

Genre: fantasy, adventure, comedy, romance

Plot: young man goes after a fallen star to prove his love to the girl he’s courting

Acting: good, Cox is getting better surpassing his performance in Casanova, Pfeiffer does a great evil witch though a bit mellow at times, O’Toole is always good, De Niro is hilarious, unfortunately that steals the attention from the show, and I didn’t get what the hype is about Danes

Drama: the boy falls for the star, only that both witches and Princes are after her too

Action: chasing, swords fighting, boat riding, etc

Funny: yes, unfortunately… too funny, so much that it steals for the greatness of a movie that could have been fantastic, another Lord of the Rings even

Visuals: good, fitting the context, just not outstanding

Soundtrack: mesmerizing, not disturbing at all… Take That’s Rule the World hit rocks!

Comments: It might sound like I didn’t like it from what I wrote above, but I did. My only regret is that I have the feeling that it could have been more, better… and it isn’t. At times it feels like a combination between a fairytale and a parody and that I cannot accept. Don’t mess with my fairytales! They’re not yours to disrespect. Other that that it was fine, entertaining, okay…

Rating: 4/5

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Movie Review: Shoot ‘Em Up


Featuring: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci

Genre: action, crime, comedy

Plot: man protects newborn from assassins

Acting: err… it’s a shoot ‘em up movie, what did you expect, people? But Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti too did a good job

Drama: get stuck with a crying baby and a lactating prostitute and then see how you’d feel

Action: some of the best action/shooting scenes I have seen the whole year

Funny: yes, it’s pouring with one liners but it’s still funny

Visuals: imagine Clive Owen’s gritty face… well the movie is just as gritty

Soundtrack: dynamic, matching perfectly the action scenes

Comments: It’s an action movie, so don’t expect too much plot wise, it can be summarize in two lines… the rest it’s empty bullet shells. Owen managed to create an anti-hero character who eats carrots and can shoot from any position even with his fingers broken, Giamatti is a resourceful bad guy and Bellucci should consider a change of make up brand, the lines under her eyes are showing making her look old. Other than that it was fun and very relaxing for the brain.

Rating: 3/5

Friday, October 5, 2007

Movie Review: The Last Legion


Featuring: Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley, Aishwarya Rai

Genre: action, history

Plot: the destiny of the last Caesar

Acting: we already know that Ben Kingsley and Colin Firth can act… as for Aishwarya Rai she’s too cute for such thing to matter

Drama: going to battle against the enemy knowing there’s no way to win

Action: cool one on one fighting scenes

Funny: yes, at times, but not overdone

Visuals: the cinematic was pleasant to the eye all through the movie

Soundtrack: -

Comments: If I say I liked it better than Alexander will you believe it? It’s done as a historic piece, but with a strong legend feel to it, after all it’s set before King Arthur’s time, and this being said don’t waste your time looking for inaccuracies, just take it for what it is and enjoy it. Kingsley is a toned down Merlin and not his usual annoying charming self, Firth is not too old to fight yet and Rai can kick ass big time. Even the kid is cute, though I spent half of the movie wondering where I had seen him before. And the best part is that in the end the hero doesn’t die, yey!

Rating: 3/5

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Movie Review: The Brave One


Featuring: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard, Naveen Andrews, Mary Steenburgen

Genre: drama

Plot: woman goes vigilante after being the victim of an attack

Acting: Jodie Foster could have played the part with her eyes closed… after all aren’t stressed/depressed/abused characters sort of a trademark for her?

Drama: trying to cope with life after the attack

Action: some shooting

Funny: not at all

Visuals: the ugly side of life

Soundtrack: -

Comments: There’ll be no Oscar for Ms. Foster for this performance… the woman does multiple homicide and gets away with it? No way, not a good example! I wonder how the audience would feel in the end if the hero was a man?… depressing as it was, I won’t be watching it again.

Rating: 3/5