English Books

The Chasm November, 2016
The Night between Heaven and Hell (The Devil You Know #2), March, 2016
The Strength of a Heart (The Stolen Wings #2), March, 2016
Bonds of Steel (Law and Crucible Saga #3), December, 2015
Point of Origin (Law and Crucible Saga #2), December, 2015
No Port to Land (Law and Crucible Saga #1), December, 2015
Broken Hearts (Broken People #2), September, 2015 
Breaking the Chains (The Devil You Know #1), June, 2015
The Weight of a Wing (The Stolen Wings #1), April, 2015
The Nightingale Circus (Broken People #0.5), December, 2014
Broken People (Broken People #1), November 2014
The Impaler Legacy Omnibus, March 2014
The Third Wheel (The Impaler Legacy #3.5), March 2014
Order Restored (The Impaler Legacy #3), December 2013
Casualties of War (The Impaler Legacy #2.5), August 2013
A Victory that Counts (The Impaler Legacy #2), August 2013
Sweet Surrender (The Impaler Legacy #1.5), April 2013
The Impaler's Revenge (The Impaler Legacy #1), April 2013
Blue Moon Cafe Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks, December 2012
Human Instincts, June 2012

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Evolution: Vol. 2 (A Short Story Collection), edited by Lane Diamond and D.T. Conklin, Evolved Publishing, September 2012

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