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The Dark Knight FF

A sequel to The Dark Knight:

Twelve Days To Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Movie Review: Australia


Featuring: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Brian Brown, David Wenham

Genre: drama, romance, adventure

Plot: British aristocrat goes Down Under to inherit a cattle farm, which she fights to save.

Official website:

Comments: What can I say? I honestly had high hopes for this one. I mean, it’s not often that you get Jackman, Kidman and Luhrmann on the same set. Unfortunately the director forgot something, in order to make a great movie you can’t rely only on great visuals and no matter how good the actors are and how hard they try, you still need a decent plot and, most importantly, script… which was missing. Too bad… ‘cause this could have been great. And it wasn’t.

Rating: 8/10

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official Trailer and Screenshots

Watch the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer and check out the screenshots on:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
- An Unofficial Website

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Book Review: Vernor Vinge – A Fire Upon the Deep (1992)

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In an universe built of layers of zones of thoughts, a superior Power is threatening to destroy like a plague the world as we know it. Researchers studying old archives that are suspected to hide something related to the menacing Power manage to run away with the secret that can save everyone and in their way to take it to a safe place their ship crashes on a planet from an inferior zone of thoughts.

The medieval society living on that planet is formed of a species of dog-like intelligent creatures. They live in packs of up to eight individuals, the more members in the pack the more intelligent the creature as a whole being. The advantage of the packs’ is the hive mentality and capacity to act and think like just one person. The down side of it is the fact that such packs can’t get close together or touch one another except during battle or orgies because their mental waves get mixed up when in near proximity and they lose themselves as a whole.

In this world there are two major clans that are at war, Lord Steel, known for his cruel experiments who continues the work of Skinner, another controversial personality famous for its cruelty, and the Woodcarver, possibly the oldest pack still alive, which is more on the creative side. The ship crashes in the middle of the on going conflict and from the occupants of the ship, a family with two kids, the adults are killed during the crash by the indigene population. A pilgrim pack saves the older girl and takes her to the Woodcarver, while the younger boy, the ship and its entire content which includes over 150 children held in capsules in catatonic state are held captive by Lord Steel.

Separately they learn to communicate with each other and learn from one another, especially the dogs from the humans. The girl has a computer with her that facilitates communication and teaches dogs to speak the human’s language. The boy is raised together with a pack of puppies with advanced math skills, which accepts him as a member of the pack.

The ship is broken but the boy figures out how to use the radio and contact an employee working at the Relay, the main data communication system in the universe. They are also in contact with an old Power that succumbs to the plague’s attack. Before dying though, this one uploads into his made-up human counterpart the info and procedures needed to fight the plague. And so the woman from the Relay and the man from the old age go on a ship of two merchant skroderiders, vegetal life forms possessing special vehicles that enhance their short term memory, and together they start on a long journey meant to save the child, help the dog clan allegedly under attack and save the universe.

* * * * *

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Book Review: Frank Herbert & Bill Ranson – The Ascension Factor (1988)

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The Ascension Factor is my favorite book from the trilogy, maybe because is the first I read years ago. I was still fresh from entering the Dune universe and had proclaimed myself a Frank Herbert lover although I hadn’t read anything else beside the Dune series, so I was quite excited to delve into another, thick, book written by him.

As a stand alone piece this book works quite well, and the aquatic universe was a nice change after the sands from Dune, even if the pace and style is a little different. Compared to the events in the previous book from the trilogy the conditions and environment have changed. The seaweeds have been used to create the inexistent ground at the surface and now there are continents.

People living on them are still oppressed, the politic of starvation and food control being continued by the current leader. Ironically, this one is a clone of the original priest/psychologist from the Ship that has brought them there on Pandora, the same person who was brought back from cryogenic sleep in The Jesus Incident to teach people how to worship the Ship. He keeps things on a tight leash, his tyrant reign causes the people to revolt setting up a rebel move that fights against him. His current project is to design a spaceship similar to the original Ship and move the population to another planet in order to preserve it.

Meantime the seaweeds are kept under a certain control by the current control center placed on the orbit, and repeated bombing. The large vegetation mass that calls itself Avata is not as docile as it seems though. Scintillations appear in the seaweed population on and off in a sort of communication language and there’s a young woman who has been found in the water, presumably being a creation of the seaweeds, and kept prisoner by the ones in charge for several years. She has no recollection of the time spent in the seaweed environment and little connection with the world and outside people, while she shares the memories held by Avata and possesses a large amount of mental power that make ordinary people consider her a God-like. An entire religion is built around her.

In these circumstances a well-known journalist who is supporting the rebels goes underground along with the escaped woman to investigate the new ship that is being built and help the resistance. Separately they have no answers but together along with Avata they found what they need to prevent a catastrophe.

* * * * *

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Book Review: Frank Herbert & Bill Ranson – The Lazarus Effect (1983)

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The second book (third in the original series) from the Pandora series, The Lazarus Effect, presents the state of things at over half a millennia since the conscious spaceship, The Ship, brought its passengers to a world covered in water, Pandora, and left them there to learn to worship it or perish in extinction.

But the human race is stubborn and doesn’t give in that easily. With the seaweeds that populate the oceans reduced to a vegetable state, humans more or less control the planet. If that thing is even possible given the fact that there’s no ground left at the surface to live on and half of the population is degrading due to various mutations that plagues it, while life into the deep is still not an easy ride.

The society is separated in two distinct classes. The Islanders live in over populated cities built on huge rafts floating on the oceans. Life is poor except for those at the top, most people struggling to survive in a world that’s lacking in food and most basic supplies. Generation after generation of inland breeding of the descendents of the original crew from the ship and their clones and experimental mutants, the end result is not pretty on the eye or easy to live with. The only good part of this downward on the evolution path is that they learned to tolerate each other being less prone for discrimination based on physical flaws.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the Mermens. They are normal humans who adapted their lifestyle to living under water, which is possible due to the advanced high-tech knowledge only they possess. Stronger and less inclined towards acceptance they hate and despise the Islanders, their innate hate making them go as far as planning attempts to sink the fragile islands without feeling remorse at the thought of the lives they’re taking as Islanders are guilty for destroying the seaweed ambient.

Mermens’ secret project is to restore the original environment on Pandora, and bring back the conscience into the seaweeds that form Avata, the over-all conscious being who used to be so unwelcoming towards the first colonist. With their help they work on building new continents meant to replace the drifting islands. They also plan to collect the tanks left on the orbit by the Ship before its departure, because they have reasons to believe there might contain preserved human beings who could join and help their cause.

Once the critical mass is reached again the seaweeds become once again what they used to be, regaining their memories from their human descendent who has been kept living on one of the islands. The title reflects the seaweeds ability to incorporate the personalities of the dead, giving them immortality.

* * * * *

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Book Review: Frank Herbert & Bill Ranson – The Jesus Incident (1979)

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Everyone interested in SF has heard of the Dune series and even most non SF avid fans have thanks to the Dune movies and TV series. But what not everyone is aware of is that Frank Herbert in collaboration with Bill Ranson set up the bases of another shorter series designed in an aquatic universe and meant to be just as captivating almost thirty years ago. The fact that for various reasons it failed to match up the hype caused by Dune is another story.

It might seem a little odd that Nemira skipped the first book in the series and only translated and published the last three books. Therefore “our” story begins thousands of years after the initial events. The central characters are not the people, although there are lots in it among which a few distinctive ones, but two normally inanimate objects, a spaceship and a planet.

A spaceship that has developed a conscience, The Ship, requires of the population it carries through space to worship it and isn’t happy with the way it’s being done. The Ship decides to have its crew settled on a planet and set up the bases of a new civilization there, the future of this civilization depending on whether people find the right way to worship The Ship or not. The problem is that the new environment is not people friendly, it is a world mostly made of water, in which the oceans are populated by dangerous seaweeds while the ground is dominated but deadly creatures.

First efforts to colonize the planet, called Pandora, are being made under the form of a base/lab/fortress where the lead priest-psychologist moves to supervise the operation. A new generation of genetically engineered clones which are meant to be more resistant to the dangers outside is designed. The lack of resources and supplies, The Ship is not exactly generous with them, eventually leads to revolt. Memorable are the night tours around the perimeter defying the native aggressors.

Meantime on the Ship the first priest-psychologist is awoken from the cryogenic sleep as a last attempt to get people on the right track and show them how to worship. He is sent to Pandora, the incarnation of a prophet, to do his work against the current priest suspected of treason. Things have changed since his time, there are original humans and clones living and discrimination between classes is there as expected, while the new breed has no rights at all.

The Ship works on multiple plans always keeping things on a tight leash. Its favorite student is sent to Pandora to initiate contact with the seaweed species based on the theory that it might be conscious and intelligent, an entity that controls the planet and calls itself Avata. In parallel his girlfriend is sent back in time to experience first hand Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

With a writing style heavy at times, loaded with introspection, reflections on people, life, philosophy and religion, the story is given an adequate ending with an opening for hope and future books.

* * * * *

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Book Review: Robert Charles Wilson – Spin (2005)

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What would happen if the stars suddenly disappeared one night while watching the sky? This phenomenon is experienced by teenagers Jason and Diane, brother and sister, children of a wealthy industrialist, and Tyler, the maid’s son. The story is presented through Tyler’s eyes, past and present interlinking while he’s writing his memoirs during a painful treatment meant to physically advance him to a superior stage.

For years they don’t know what is going on. The insecurity and lack of sense in life makes Jason become a scientist, Diane join a religious cult and Tyler, who struggles with an unfulfilled crush on Diane, become a doctor. In their own way they’re all looking for answers, salvation, absolution. But none really finds either of them. There is no solution, the matter is out of their hands.

Little by little answers start to appear. Earth is enveloped in a membrane meant to stop radiation from killing its inhabitants while the sun is dying. The other surprising thing is the fact that time fluency is distorted by the membrane and a couple of weeks on earth are the equivalent of billions of years in the rest of the universe. Humans’ attempt to destroy the devices floating above the poles that are responsible for creating the membrane fails and the membrane reappears in a short time. Now they have the proof that their sun is indeed dying but time is not lost.

Next attempt is terraformation of Mars. Since the membrane is permeable they send a ship over there to create a new civilization from scratch, one that might find answers and solutions for their problem. Things start to look less promising when Mars gets its own protective membrane years later. Having a common problem now, a ships travels from Mars to Earth bringing a representative of the new civilization along with an all diseases cures among other things.

There is never given a definite answer. What is implied is that the galaxy is populated by self replicating machines that protect planets when they reach their peak and the decline is about to start because of lack of resources and physical difficulties. There are lots of other planets experiencing a similar fate and what people discover is that all these planets are inter-connected through worm-hole gates which allow them to travel almost effortlessly from one planet to another.

It is this kind of travel that Tyler and Diane embark on after having both taken the Marsian cure and being hunted by the authorities for it. Only that we don’t know how it ends. They just enter another world and look prepared for a new adventure. Hopefully the next book will tell us all about it.

* * * * *

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Book Review: Jack McDevitt – Seeker (2006)

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I got this book for free. It was one of the books I received at the end of the campaign “Write to receive… a book”. I had to choose the books I was entitled to from a list and while I got to the last option, it was a toss up between The Year’s Best Science Fiction vol. II and something else since I had already chosen vol. III and IV which were most expensive, but I felt in the mood for another novel even if I hadn’t read anything by that author or even heard of him before. The presentation from the site wasn’t too appealing and what determined me to choose Seeker was the mention of Nebula Award. Still I wasn’t expecting much, but since it was free…

I’m glad to say I had been wrong and I was pleasingly surprised. The book has a great rhythm and I didn’t even notice the time passing by or the pages flying. I didn’t put it down once I started reading. Sure it’s not rocket science or much philosophy in it but it was an enjoyable read.

The book is written at first person, the main character being a woman (that coming from a male writer should be interesting but he managed to stay vague enough so any flaws wouldn’t be too obvious) called Chase (quite a suggestive name given her profession). She works for Alex in what seems like a two people company and they’re basically the treasure hunters of the future. Ten thousands of years or so from now, the civilization has evolved in the expected direction with little surprises and travelling to different galaxies to look for thousands of years old artifacts is still a highly paid and successful job.

It all starts with a cup with ancient writing on it that is brought to their office for an expertise. The theory that its origin might be from one of the two ships that have left mother earth four thousands of years in the past with the professed intention to form an utopist society on an unknown planet send Chase and Alex, well, mostly Chase, on a ghost chase across the universe. She is in charge with the researches so she gets to travel the most, with her own ship, so good thing she is also a pilot. They’re sort of celebrities in their circle knowing important people and also having powerful rivals who wouldn’t stop from anything to steal their discoveries, or would they?

What sticks in mind among other things is Chase’s trip to the “mutes” world, a telepathic insect race that is usually considered repulsive by humans and vice-versa. Moving from one clue to another the two of them manage to go on a successful trip during which they find one of the departed ships with the crew intact and full of children, which looks like a salvation tentative that has failed.

As soon as the word gets out regarding their discovery the hits against them start to happen, someone is really against the idea of them finding out what happened with the ships like they didn’t have enough detractors of their work already. But they are two stubborn characters who refuse to give up. Eventually they find the second ship and the planet with the humans’ living descendants and collect the glory, even get a statue in the mutes’ museum. Fun. I’d like to read a sequel to that.

* * * * *

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Movie Review: Tropic Thunder


Featuring: Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Nick Nolte, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise

Genre: comedy, action

Plot: Hollywood actors get caught between enemy’s lines while shooting a war movie.

Official website:

Comments: Ben Stiller is usually known for his childish petty comedies. This time it’s a war comedy but the basics are the same. Plenty of gags from the opening line to the closing one, crude gags, rude gags, disgusting gags, everything you want you name it, it’s there. I don’t think there’s anyone out there left not insulted by the end of the movie. And you laugh because actually the gags are so over the top that there is no other way you have to laugh. As far as acting is concerned Robert Downey Jr. steals the show, probably the only real actor from the entire cast. Lots of cameos, dunno if that’s good or bad for such a movie, but it was like a game trying to spot everyone each time they showed up on the screen. And let’s not forget Tom Cruise who does one of his best parts in the last decade, in fact it took a close-up for me to recognize him. I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention…

Rating: 6/10

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Gheorghe Ciobanu ~ Naive Art

Official website of Romanian naive painter Gheorghe Ciobanu, featuring news, biography, art, paintings, sculptures, icons, poetry, exhibitions and links:

Gheorghe Ciobanu ~ Naive Art

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2008 Barcelona Trip

Last year when we were returning from Rome we were joking about going to Barcelona next year. Well, that actually happened and this time with much better planning. Unlike the last time when all the arrangements were made during the last week, which delayed our departure with a couple of days not mentioning the cost, we managed to make all the bookings a month in advance. That’s a big improvement for us if you know us.

Well, part of the credit goes to me for sure since the travel agency was no help. First, the plane tickets they proposed had horrendous departing and arrival hours. We agreed none of those flights were convenient so after just forty minutes online I found tickets to a Spanish airline with decent traveling hours, no stops, and a price close enough to work for us. We had to delay our departure with one day, we changed the leaving and returning on Saturday for Sunday, but even that worked in our favor and you’ll see soon why.

For the lodging, after our experiences in Greece and Rome we had decided an apartment suited us better than a hotel, I had made a list with apartments that we preferred, they had to be in the Old City, in Gotico if possible, and close to La Rambla too, and I had left it to dad before leaving to grandma’s for two weeks. The agency had to check the availability of the flats and the existence of an elevator and then make the booking but of course they managed to screw up that too. We ended up on the left side of La Rambla in Plaza Vicente Martorell, luckily close to Plaza Catalunya and not too far into El Raval.

So that settled all was left to do was packing. Usually when we go somewhere it feels like moving with all the stuff we carry with us. Another thing to be proud of, we only needed one suitcase, one bag and one backpack for once. The bag was only half filled with food so that could have gone too, but the food was going to be needed at least during the first day until we learned our way around the city. Even with that light packing we worried about how it was going to fit in the car ‘cause, you see, we had to travel all the way to Bucharest and with our Peugeot being in the repair shop to have fixed the damage done to it during a crash while we were leaving for Greece two years ago, don’t ask me why it’s being repaired only now, ask dad, we had to take the Chevrolet Spark, the lady bird as I call it. Now can you imagine a car by the size of a match box? That’s how it feels inside. Mom’s car is better fit for city traffic than the Peugeot monster, must be the reason why dad borrows it so often, and it survived the trip to grandma so it was going to do.

The plan was to leave early morning on Sunday, around 4 AM, good heavens what’s wrong with these people you wonder and so do I, and then drive straight to the airport. This being said it would have been recommended to go to bed early the previous night and get some sleep, but how could one do that when packing wasn’t finished and it was Prestige running on TV? Pass on seeing Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman on the same screen even though I had seen it three or four times before already, I don’t think so. When I went to bed around midnight mom was still not done and arranging things around the house. It was a full moon eclipse scheduled that night but we missed it because of all the packing.

Sunday, 17.08.2008

Since we’d said we’d leave at 4, little brother came to wake us all at 3:30. I don’t think I slept more than two hours and I doubt he slept at all. Good thing mom sent him back to bed until 4. By 5 we were ready to leave the apartment, plants watered, cat fed, turtles brought inside. The cat had slept on top of the suitcase, the poor thing starts to panic when she sees one, and as soon as I got up she climbed into my lap and refused to get down. At 5:30 we were finally leaving the parking lot.

Part of the road was the same as when we went to visit grandma so we were familiar with it, the other part was long and boring. I never liked going to Bucharest, it takes too long and there are no interesting things to see outside. Being Sunday though, and morning, the road was more crowded on the other side while the traffic was rather good for.

At noon we stopped before arriving at the airport and ate and only then we went to the airport. Not long after we got there my cousin and her husband came to join us, they were supposed to take our car and park it in front of their building for the week, and they made us a nice surprise as they brought my aunt with them. We chatted and caught up for an hour or so until it was time to check in.

This was the big and recently reopened airport, not the small one from last year, and we walked around for a bit, a large part of it is still being remodeled, and it doesn’t look anything like it did years ago. While we waited we spotted Petre Roman, an old politician and very much liked by the ladies, dressed in pink and probably leaving on vacation, and a couple of our neighbors from upstairs.

The flight lasted for three hours, rather long, and I had worried my ears might hurt but they didn’t and I didn’t get nausea either, in fact it was more comfortable than last year. We took a taxi and arrived with no problem to Plaza Vincente Martorell a little after 8. This is a rather small quiet square with some trees and a park in the middle. We called the contact number we had been given and a few minutes later two young men arrived on a bike. The one with the papers introduced himself as Benoit, later we realized he was French, and he led us to the apartment.

The elevator was smaller than the one at home and everyone in the building could hear it when someone opened or closed the doors. Everything was built on the narrow side including the corridor, the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and let’s not even talk about the balcony or terrace. The whole place could use a fresh paint but what was worse was the smell, you know that heavy smell of a place that hasn’t been aired in several days. We paid the deposit in case of damages, it was big enough to afford us at least two extra days of staying, and we were told that all we had to do before leaving was to wash the dishes, take out the garbage and leave the keys on the table. Ah, bon.

The first thing we did after they left was to open all windows and turn on the fans, not the A/C because we don’t like that, although there was one in each room and they were even working. Dad, who has the most sensitive nose from all of us, put some liquid soap in bowls with water placed in each room and the atmosphere became a little more bearable.

We ate and at 11 we went out for a walk. There were lots of people on La Rambla, mainly tourists, living statues and guys selling beer. It was terribly crowded, still it only took us fifteen minutes to get to the shore. We went on La Rambla del Mar up to Maremagnum and from there back home and to bed around 1 AM. Before getting back home I had already decided I love Barcelona.

Both bedrooms contained just one old big and heavy wardrobe, a large enough bed, two nightstands and a chair, the only difference being that ours had the walls painted in dark purple-brown and only one light worked on the ceiling. We found spare lightbulbs in a cupboard but there was no way to reach the ceiling, it was too damn high. Mom refused to put any clothes in the wardrobe so they spent the entire week laying on chairs and armchairs. The bad smell persisted and we went to sleep with the windows open. Bad idea, we couldn’t sleep all night because of the noise coming from outside in the square. The Spanish people are so loud!

Monday, 18.08.2008

When we woke up we were so tired we walked around like zombies. It also must be said that regardless the hour when we woke up I dunno how it happened but we usually left the apartment between 11 and 12 and only once we managed to go out at 10.

Mom and dad had gone to La Boqueria market, which was close to us, while little brother and I were still sleeping and they brought fresh vegetable. We had a big omelet for breakfast with salad and for the first time in a couple of years I ate tomatoes without my stomach hurting. I love their tomatoes.

Just noticed it takes too long to write a detailed description of our trip because there are so many things to say so I’m reverting to the old system.

- first impression: the streets are too crowded.
- too many tourists; I think the amount of Spanish and French I heard spoken are about equal in quantity; also heard English, Russian, German and some other East European language, not as much Romanian as expected.
- too many emigrants and people without a job or purpose in life; no, selling beer on La Rambla at night isn’t a good career making move; selling fake purses isn’t either.
- bad draining system, too close to the surface, the smell that comes out is ewww…
- polite and cautious drivers, they don’t swear at you if the light changed and you’re still crossing the street.
- loved the pavement, sidewalks and the special places to get off the sidewalk, better than in either Greece or Rome; this might be wheelchairs’ heaven and I’ve seen plenty of those, even one that could rise to talk at the same level with the accompanying person without yelling or twisting your neck.
- loved the weather, hot but with the breeze it wasn’t suffocating at all but just niiiiice.
- ok, enough comments for now, I’ll add more as we go.
- first we went to Place Catalunya, the center of the city.
- not impressed, the center platform was okay, but there’s nothing special about it.
- we walked around a full circle looking for a tourist information center a friend had told us about and couldn’t find it.
- eventually we gave up and entered Gotico.
- now that I liked, old narrow streets bordered by cute little shops.
- we walked around the Cathedral, there were works being done at the entrance so we didn’t enter.
- we found a tourist information center on a street in the back and we asked about the museums opening hours.
- stop to eat our sandwiches on the steps behind that and check the flyers they gave us.
- off to the aquarium after a short walk on the shoreline; it was nice but somehow I expected it to be more impressive; kinda disappointed when dad pointed out that one of the plants in an aquarium was plastic being attached with a cord to the rocky wall; the part where there was water all around and fish swam above our heads was nice though; got separated from dad and little brother on our way out so we missed the penguins.
- entered La Boqueria; bought fresh juices with 2 euros a glass and after walking around for twenty minutes we found a stand that sold two glasses for 1 euro, it was close to closing time, so we bought another round; also bought a bottle of Spanish wine, didn’t like it.
- another evening walk on La Rambla.
- we were wise enough to sleep with the windows closed from that night on, but kept the door and those in the living room open.

Tuesday, 19.08.2008

- Gaudi day
- we exited our square on the opposite side and started up north; the Faculty of Geography and History was just up the street and we joked about sending little brother to study there.
- first stop Casa Batllo; nice exterior but creepy with the bone-like façade; the ticket waiting line was too long and we didn’t want to waste time there.
- we waited in a twice as long line to enter Casa Mila – La Pedrera; really loved this one, the seashell-like exterior, the attic with its big arches, the apartment, the interior yard, though I was less fond of the roof terrace, auch; the Japanese exhibition from the first floor was also interesting, I think we have an art album with some of those paintings; should have heard mom’s comments in the erotic section.
- off to Sagrada Familia; big restoring works are being done and more than half of the inside is blocked from tourist access; I liked the big stained windows and the big volume is impressive but as a whole I didn’t like it much, the new sculpted façade and entrance is disgustingly grotesque with its modern style, and for me it will always look like giant ant nests; let dad and little brother to wait in the longest line ever and climb the stairs to go on top while mom and I ate our sandwiches for a late lunch and fed a pigeon with almost half of one right inside the church; the museum was nice.
- we did a wide detour on our way back to catch a glimpse of Akbar; a bunch of rude kids came to dad arguing why did he take their picture, but come on, he’s an architect, who do you think he’d rather photograph, a group of kids wearing football t-shirts or the Akbar tower?
- we passed by the Arc de Triumf and returned home through Gotico.
- tried to catch up with the Olympic Games on TV but they only showed the Spanish athletes so that was no help; at first I didn’t understand why I didn’t understand much of what it was being said but then I realized they were speaking in Catalan and not the Spanish I was used to.
- too tired to go out again so we went to bed.

Wednesday, 20.08.2008

- this was an interesting filled with art day.
- we had planned to visit El Raval; before entering we visited a market surrounded by clothes stands, but we didn’t find anything to buy and mom declared prices were higher than in the market closer to home.
- someone should have warn us about El Raval, that really is a bad neighborhood; we came this close to have a really bad experience; we stopped in a small square to wait on a bench until dad finished taking his pictures and first a black man came to rest against a lamp post then a white guy who could have passed for a tourist got closer too; they kept looking at us and mom nearly peed her pants; the moment dad joined us they left, if that isn’t suspicious behavior then I don’t what it is.
- only a few moments later mom panicked again, one moment she was scolding little brother for some reason and the next he was gone from our side; it turned out he’d gone to dad being sick of listening to her but what a scare, even more later when dad told us he’d just seen a junkie injecting himself in the street.
- as we’d had enough with El Raval we decided to visit the Contemporary Art Museum; I just loved the building, it’s made by same architect who made the white cube in Rome where the Valentino collection was stored last year; neither of us liked any of the exhibitions, the woman was obsessed with sex and the man with war, but that’s not surprising since all the works dated from the 70’s.
- we visited the bookstore that was part of the museum; dad was in heaven with all the architecture books, mom was in hell when she was looking at the prices.
- then we rested for a bit in the square in front of the museum and watched the kids with skateboards putting on a show; there were a few very good, if you can ignore the loud noise made by the boards hitting the ground; little brother was paying attention trying to learn some schemes, and mom announced she wanted one to carry the bags from the market with it like she’d seen a girl do; in Greece she wanted a motorcycle, and last year a Smart, so now it’s better, we can afford a skateboard.
- a quick stop home to eat our sandwiches and then we hurried to see Picasso Museum; I wouldn’t take a famous Picasso painting even if it was given for free, but I loved his early works when he was painting real human beings and not some sort of abstract of a mutant, now that’s an artist!
- we visited Maria del Mar church just before closing and I liked it better than Sagrada Familia.
- in the evening we happened to run into a small modern painting exhibition which frankly I liked the best of them all.
- on our way home we stopped to several supermarkets to buy ice cream but they were either just closing or didn’t have the brand mom wanted.
- heard about the tragic plane crash happened in Madrid, uhhh.

Thursday, 21.08.2008

- in the morning mom and dad went to the market again and bought a rabbit, yey! I haven’t eaten rabbit meat in years and I like it very much; there was also a Carrefour even closer than the market so there was no danger of us starving.
- after getting sick and tired of waiting for dad to take his photos, getting lost and calling him to find out where he was, wasting a lot of money that way, before going out we made him mark the road on two maps and gave him one while we kept the other one with us.
- by the time we left for Park Guel tourist were already returning; there’s a long way to get there and kinda abrupt but it was well worth it; it was cloudy when we left and the sun came out just when we arrived there; I loved the park, the buildings, the rocks, the vegetations, the mosaics; I would have loved it even better if there had been less tourists, it was packed and about half of them were Romanians I reckon.
- lunch break in the park where we fed more pigeons.
- we returned through Gracia; must have been some sort of celebration day ‘cause several streets were heavily decorate, one with butterflies hanged above, one with cardboard kids in dark blue t-shirts, one with wrestlers posters, one with mannequins made of transparent plastic to look like ice, etc.
- bought two pizzas on the way to cook at home.
- in the evening the boys entered to visit a Dali exhibition, but us, the girls, preferred to wait outside and visit some stores instead; I don’t like Dali, another obsessed guy, but after looking at the photos they took I kinda regret I didn’t enter, the works weren’t among his famous paintings but mostly sketches and not bad at all.
- we found ice cream, yey, and we ate it in Place Catalunya; watched the purse vendors run away like a monkey herd when the police arrived.
- we ate rabbit for dinner.

Friday, 22.08.2008

- realized mom and I got sunburns from the previous day spent in the park; technical problems slowed us down all day.
- through Gotico, around Barcelonetta, to the beach and from there to the telecar tower.
- two hours of waiting to get on the other side on the mountain; there were four very tall Scandinavian guys waiting in line before us and little brother wanted to know how did they grow up so tall, we assured him they did a lot of sport that didn’t include regular trips to the fridge.
- after we got off the platform we stopped in a small park to eat and of course feed the pigeons, I could swear they were stalking us; furthermore I think I saw at least ten cats there.
- stopped by the Olympic pool on the way down hill to see it.
- visited Juan Miro Museum and froze inside, it was much warmer outside although it was preparing to rain; after this last museum little brother became firmly convinced that all artists were nuts.
- stopped by the football stadium and San Jordi Palace; liked the television tower.
- we arrived to the Magical Fountain just in time to occupy the last empty places on the stairs in front; the first half an hour only the light and water shape changed so when it stopped we thought it was over and prepared to leave, but then it started again with music; the first classical piece I didn’t recognize, then there was Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On without lyrics though, then something I often hear at skating competitions, then something from a 50’s or 60’s movie soundtrack, and it ended with Barcelona sung by Freddie Mercury and Montserat Caballe, wheeee; we were preparing to leave again when the second show started, different music, more opera this time, but I can’t swear the water and lights show wasn’t the same.
- by the time we got to Place d’Espana it was raining for real so we run and hurried home; people we giving us odd looks being the only ones running like crazy and hiding under an umbrella while everyone else had gathered in store entrances waiting for the rain to pass.
- we were soaking wet when we arrived to the apartment; I got the proof that my new shoes were waterproof, meaning that all the water that had run down my legs had gathered inside and I felt like swimming in them; I had to take a hot shower because I was frozen and then I borrowed little brother’s jacket and we turned the A/C to hot; it’s a miracle I didn’t catch a cold.
- we ate the pizza bought the previous day, one was so so, the other one was disgusting.

Saturday, 23.08.2008

- watched reports about the atypical storm from the previous night; no, we didn’t appear on TV.
- a slow day, started with Gotico, bought some books about Barcelona for home, visited another market, quite a nice one, to the Arc de Triumf, got ice cream, visited the Olympic Village, saw again the Akbar aka “the vibrator” from closer, it looked even worse.
- saw perouches eating with pigeons.
- saw National Theatre of Catalunya.
- it was getting clouded and the wind started making me feel cold.
- when I looked for my long sleeve blouse I discovered I had forgotten it at home, so we headed back along the shore.
- noticed more Romanians in town during the weekend.
- once we entered Gotico it was warm again and we stopped to do some shopping; mom got a big pink and white striped purse, dad got a shirt, and little brother a short necklace, I bet he didn’t think how it would look like once he changed his t-shirt.
- they nagged me about getting something for myself but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked and with a good price; we even entered a jewelry store to see if I could find to add a ring to my collection of rings from foreign countries but none of them appealed to me and one ring with emeralds was ridiculously thin even compared to my regular thin rings.
- we went home to eat because there was still food left in the fridge and then we went out again.
- down La Rambla to the sea and on to La Rambla del Mar to Maremagnum, the same road as during the first night, where mom and dad had a beer, little brother had ice cream with macadamia nuts and I had Cream Catalan, mom make’s it better.
- back home we packed our luggage.

Sunday, 24.08.2008

- easily found a taxi to take us to the airport; lots of Romanians going home there.
- the flight back was much more bumpy, the pilot must have been dancing salsa in the cabin, and I got nausea the last half an hour before landing.
- the heat in Bucharest was suffocating and I already missed the wonderful weather from Barcelona.
- my cousin and her husband were waiting for us having brought back the car; she also made a very good pizza for us and prune pie.
- around 6:30 we were leaving Bucharest; stopped to eat shortly; the opposite side of the road was packed but our line was nearly empty so dad drove without too many sudden breaks and we arrived home at 12:30 AM to a very distressed cat.

OK, I think I’m done. I’m sure there are lots of things I forgot mentioning but I’ll stop here. I went through all 4 GB of photos and made a small selection so now I’m working on uploading them.

Not sure where we’ll go next summer. Personally I’d like Vienna, mom also said something about Budapest, but it’s nothing settled so far. One thing is sure though, there won’t be just seven days, but ten. Yes! Until then be good all.

See ya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Universul de miscare al copilului mic (0-3 ani)

After all the time that my mother tortured me while writing to this book I can now proudly present you:
(Movement Univers of the Young Child - 0-3 years old)
Not bad, eh?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Review: The Prestige - Magicienii (1995)

Published by
I was looking for this book and almost missed it because of the changed title. Bad translation work, very unimaginative, as if calling a book about chickens… chickens. Anyway, moving on.
The story evolves around the rivalry between two magicians in turn-of-century London. In present days their descendents get together to swap stories and solve mysteries. We perceive them as pieces of diary written by both of them.

On one hand there’s Alfred Borden, coming from a poor background and being a great engineer. On the other hand there’s wealthy Rupert Angier who has a great stage presence. These two men have in common their fascination for magic acts and their body and soul devotion to their art.

It’s fate that makes them meet early in their career when due to a misunderstanding and accident they become sworn enemies. From that point on they’re obsessed with ruining each other’s act and becoming the better showman.

Borden has an act called The Transported Man during which he disappears from one place appearing almost instantly in another, something that couldn’t normally be achieved without using a body double. In order to out do it and unable to figure out how Borden does it, Angier hires scientist Testla, who currently experiments with electricity, to build him a teleporting device, a machine capable to physically transport him, and designs a new and more impressive show.

It’s Borden’s turn to try to find out how he does it and in his search the results are disastrous for both magicians. It’s hard to explain it without ruining the plot, but back in present days the ending is weird and creepy having a bit of a horror feel added to it.

The narration is fluent in spite of the constant change of point of view and jumping in time. The writing style is a bit rigid though and dry. The scenes in the past and the main characters are well done, unlike the current day episodes and descendents who seem to have been given less attention and purpose. Once used as a mean to introduce the story they’re neglected and mostly get in the way.

The novel has a distinct feel compared to the movie. It’s one of the very rare cases when the movie is better than the book it’s inspired from, being one of the best movies of the last decade and even more. Under the supervision of director Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, and Scarlet Johansson make a brilliant performance worth watching.

* * * * *

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Review: The Year's Best Science Fiction (2006)

I’ll only review a few of the stories. Since Nemira skipped several stories from the original collection not bothering to translate them, then I feel I can take the liberty to do the same.

The Little Goddess – Describes the life of a little girl chosen and raised to be a goddess until she bleeds. It focuses on her life inside the temple, her learning, banishment after an accident and how she finds a purpose for her life in the real world becoming something close to what a goddess should be not only in name.

Beyond the Aquila Rift – It deals with long distance space travel and the danger of being away from home for too long. Dunno why it brought in my head images that would better associate with the title ‘The Restaurant at The End of The Universe’.

Triceratops Summer – What would one do if told an entire summer is going to be relived in the near future? Take a vacation and travel and try to indulge itself in things he or she likes best? That’s what our hero thinks too. Still he and his wife end up spending it at home looking at the triceratops brought from the past by a glitch in time.

Camouflage – On a giant ship inhabited by various species of aliens a mysterious man is hired to catch a murderer. Only that in the end it turns out that no one is who they seem to be, neither the man, his employer, or the woman whose husbands are killed one by one and who he is hired to protect.

A Case of Consilience – Something about a priest who manages to communicate with a species of fungus through an accident/self sacrifice. Not so interesting.

The Blemmye's Strategem – This one is set back in time being more fantasy than sci fi. It’s a bit grotesque and heavily written. Didn’t like it.

In the Quake Zone – Probably my favorite story from the collection. A private investigator travels through time to prevent a series of murders on the gay scene of a 50’s LA. He breaks some rules and he’s brought to the distant future for a career change.

The Children of Time – Several generations of children in the future, how they see the world and what this one has come to. Boring stuff.

Little Faces – This must be the answer to In the Quake Zone. The male population has disappeared leaving only the women in lesbian relationships travel the space in their ships.
Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck – An action packed story with a big alien thrown in for fun. Enjoyable enough.

Angel of Light – Interesting perspective of what value and signification things can have for various people.

Burn – The life of a firefighter injured in the line of duty and who is part of a community formed around a religious sect.

As a whole the collection is well done and I’m definitely going to buy the next volumes.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Review: Ken Grimwood - Replay (1987)

Published by

It’s hard to imagine that a fun comedy like Groundhog Day could be inspired by such a dry tedious novel. I had picked the book because of the movie having had a good experience with Minority Report, but then again that’s Philip K. Dick we’re talking about. Must remember to flip through the book and not read just the back cover next time I do it.

The story is about a middle age radio journalist who dies of a heart attack in the 80’s only to wake up in full youth in the 60’s with all his memories intact. A chance to a new life? Make that several. The same heart attack ends them all, but while the world is the same in general, the immediate surrounding is never the same. He gets to change his life by his actions, living several possible variants and becoming wiser after each experience and at the end of the day lonelier too. ‘Cause at the end of each life he loses everyone he loved and made his life worth living.

This predicament makes him look for other people like him and he eventually finds a woman who goes through similar life cycles. It seems like a good idea to team up together and they even become a couple. Unfortunately their replays show the clear tendency to become shorter with them continuously waking up in later stages in life. In lack of synchronicity they have to wait for each other to wake up too losing precious time they could have spent together. The only constant they have in their multiple lives is their love.

Sometimes though a lifetime of love is not enough. Through ads put in the papers they kept looking for other people with similar experiences but their searches are in vain. No one can tell them what is going on, why, and when or if ever this is going to end. The stress levels are high and desperation is settling in.

A clear sign for that is their decision to go public and face the media hysteria. The government is even worse. They end up being locked up and forced to answer questions about the future to no end. Depression and alienation tear them apart. It’s time for another life.

And this goes on again and again until the day when beginning and end meet in an everlasting heart attack. This could be the rest of his life right until the end. But the purgatory is over and the heart attack stops. Somewhere in Scandinavia another man starts repeating his nightmare. You’re free to make of this what you wish, your guess is as good as mine.

* * * * *
Written for “Scrie ca sa primesti…o carte”

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Review: Joe Haldeman - Camouflaj (2004)

Published by

I’ll start by saying that the Nebula Awards aren’t what they used to be since you can’t buy a book only based on that recommendation, and Nemira taught us that in a painful (for the wallet) and disappointing way.

The story is set in the near future starting with the discovery of an egg-shaped artifact at the bottom of the ocean. Several scenes are taking place in laboratory and scientific testing environment in the attempt to understand the past and purpose of the artifact. The scientist characters are believable and interesting written considering the fact that they are mere humans.

But the egg is not the only alien presence on earth. There are two more roaming freely around the earth for centuries, millenniums even, without being aware of each other’s existence, or the humans knowing about them at all. Both shapeshifters to some extent, they’ve outlived thousands of generations paying more or less attention to the human race during their own evolution as separate species.

Aware of their uniqueness on the planet they’re eventually drawn to each other, in their attempt to answer the same fundamental question, what is their purpose in the world. Given the different mentality and lonely upbringing they’re not what we would we call nice people, they can be cruel and murderous without giving it much thought, being one worse than the other. Though while one of them pays more attention to humans trying to understand their feelings and eventually becomes capable of love, the other one is more predatory-like. They go through the entire animal reign eventually ending up impersonating people, which facilitates their approach to the scientist circle in order to get to the egg.

I guess it’s not hard to guess what the egg really is. And the ending is not a total surprise. But this is not the main problem with the book. I have no problem with the writing style, that’s quite fine as far as I’m concerned, the plot is what bothered me. Or, more exactly the missing parts.

The three interlinking storylines are not confusing, but it is a bit annoying when it switches from one to the other, and even more so when it gets to the less important/interesting one. While the story covers their life on Earth with long back story episodes, there is no explanation of who they are, how they got there or anything else about them. We’re mere observers, we don’t know more than they do and we’re left none the wiser at the end with no idea regarding what is going to happen to them. It is as if once they reached the needed stage of development they moved on and kissed this world goodbye. I’m sorry but this won’t do for me…

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Review: Philip K. Dick – Time Out of Joint (1959)

Published by

Any Philip K. Dick book should be great, right? An honor and a delectation to read. Well, this one starts rather slow. It takes a good dozen of pages or more to stop and wonder what is going on, is there anything going on, and where is this all going? This should be a good point to stop, go back to the front cover and realize that the book was actually written in 1959 when everything moved to a much slower pace and we didn’t get shootings from the first page or even the prologue.

Still, the monotony of the life in the suburbs is maddening, just like it’s alienating our hero, Ragle Gumm. He is a middle age man, a former military, who passes his time solving newspaper games and guessing where the little green man will be the next day. He’s become sort of a national hero after having come up with valid solutions day after day for years in a row. It’s become his job, keeping him at the desk for six hours a day while working on the solution as he lives with his sister and her family, having no time and will for a real life.

Until he starts noticing little things, things that are out of the ordinary like disappearing stands, pieces of paper with words written on them, people or events that might or might not exist in his world. With too much time on his hands paranoia sets in. He shares his observations with his friend and together they start on a journey that is literally going to change their life. It’s here that the real adventure, and the book too, begins. Once you get to this part it’s almost impossible to put it down.

Things aren’t as simple as they seem once we realize that the civilization is ahead with about 40 years, a present in which the inhabitants of Earth are at war with the Moon colonists. In this setting, our hero is the only human being capable of predicting the exact location of the colonists’ attack. In order to keep the stress to a minimum an entire city has been built, a quiet place with reminders from the hero’s childhood, filled with dummies and actors with their memory wiped off just like his is, people he’d known in real life and whose role is to maintain a balance in this illusory world.

With a new conscience and perspective over the situation, Ragle Gumm is given the chance to change sides during his escape from the city. What happens next, read and find out. The ending is predictable, but satisfying from a narrative and imagistic point of view.

2008 Summer Olympics Games

Fencing - Women's Individual Epee

1. GER Britta Heidemann 15
2. ROU Ana Maria Branza 11
3. HUN Ildiko Dr Mincza-Nebald 15

Gymnastics - Women's Team

1. CHN Fei Cheng Kexin He Yuyuan Jiang Shanshan Li Yilin Yang Linlin Deng
46.350 49.625 47.125 45.800 188.900
2. USA Shawn Johnson Nastia Liukin Chellsie Memmel Samantha Peszek Alicia Sacramone Bridget Sloan
46.875 47.975 47.250 44.425 186.525
3. ROU Steliana Nistor Sandra Izbasa Andreea Acatrinei Andreea Grigore Gabriela Dragoi Anamaria Tamirjan
45.275 45.000 46.175 45.075 181.525

Judo Women's Extra Lightweight (Under 48 kg)
1. ROU Alina Alexandra Dumitru

Fencing Men's Individual Sabre
3. ROU Mihai Covaliu

Movie Review: Mamma Mia!


Featuring: Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski

Genre: musical, comedy

Plot: Young girl invites three possible fathers to her wedding.

Official website:

Comments: As much of a musical fan that I am I was only vaguely aware of Mamma Mia’s existence and I had no idea what to expect. I can’t say I was disappointed. It’s cheesy, but it’s also lots of fun and you can’t go wrong with ABBA’s songs. Low points were the fact that Amanda Seyfried was supposed to be 20 and she looks like 16, and the discovery that Pierce Brosnan can’t sing but we’ll forgive him because he has great chemistry with Meryl Streep. I already knew that Colin Firth has a pleasant voice from The Importance of Being Called Earnest, and I was impressed with Christine Baranski’s voice. Julie Walters stole the show in each scene she was in.

Rating: 8/10

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Review: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor


Featuring: Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Michelle Yeoh, Luke Ford, Isabella Leong

Genre: action, adventure

Plot: Yet another tomb, yet another mummy.

Official website:

Comments: I burst out laughing when I read on IMDB a post about this movie deserving an Oscar. Sure, there were about two cool CGI scenes, but other than that Brendan Fraser looked like he didn’t know what he was supposed to do in that movie, Maria Bello was totally miscast, Luke Ford gave a wooden performance, and even John Hannah seemed to have lost some of his appeal in such company. And really, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh couldn’t save the movie by themselves. And don’t even get me started on the plot! Oh, and then there were the Yettis… I loved them… maybe they’ll get an Oscar!

Rating: 5/10

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight


Featuring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman

Genre: action, drama

Plot: Batman’s fight with The Joker

Official website:

Comments: Hmm, I must say I was expecting something more. Given all the expectations and buzz it caused it was a bit of a let down. First, it was too long and dragging in spite of all the cuts from one scene to the next. Then, this movie was more about anything else rather than Batman who kinda got lost in the scenery. Good conficts, but way too many and neither fully developped. Good solid performance from all the actors though The Joker’s part is not Oscar material as rumored. Bruce cracked less jokes than he used to, but was the script’s fault and not Christian Bale’s who tried his best with what he had. Rachel’s character simply does not work with the movie. The only good part about killing her is that they’ll have to bring in another female leading character worthy of Batman for the next sequel. I mean there is no actual romance involved with either Bruce or Harvey, and when she and Bruce kiss you're left absolutely cold. Aaron Eckhart plays perfectly his character, the Two Face part is less convincing than the Harvey Dent part. Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman didn’t disappoint. Surprisingly, Eric Roberts wasn’t too bad. The Batpod was fun but I prefer Bruce Wayne’s apartment. The score deserves an Oscar, the visuals too. Still, I'll take Batman Begins any day.

Rating: 8/10

Friday, July 18, 2008

Terminator Salvation first movie still

Check out the Terminator Salvation first movie still featuring Christian Bale at:

A Terminator 4 Bale - An Unofficial Website

Movie Review: Sex and the City


Featuring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth

Genre: romance, comedy, drama

Plot: We all have our problems but each girl deserves her happy-ending.

Official website:

Comments: It was the day before my vacation and I wanted to treat myself with something light that didn’t imply too much thinking or require much attention so I chose a typical chick flick. I must have seen half a dozen of episodes over the years, and while the show was sort of fun on occasions I didn’t have the patience or interest to follow it and watch more. The girls were funny and I got to look at great dresses, well, except for the wedding outfits, those were horrible, so during the first half an hour I thought that watching the movie instead of the entire show was a good idea, I got the full experience in two hours tops. Only that it was longer than that and once it started to drag it felt even longer, like a six season show longer. I was glad when it ended! But it did have the expected happy-end and, like I said, great dresses… enough is enough though, no sequels, please!

Rating: 6/10

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Terminator Salvation Teaser Trailer

Terminator Salvation teaser trailer made it online. You can check it out at:

A Terminator 4 Bale - An Unofficial Website

Monday, July 14, 2008

Movie Review: Hancock


Featuring: Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman

Genre: action, sci fi, comedy

Plot: The life of a superhero in today’s society.

Official website:

Comments: Not much philosophy there and the movie doesn’t raise up to the standards Will Smith used us with, but it is summer movie easy fun. Charlize Theron does a better job than she did in Aeon Flux, thank God! Jason Bateman is ok, but of course Will Smith steals the show.

Rating: 6/10

Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie Review: Wall-E


Featuring: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard

Genre: animation, sci fi

Plot: What becomes of the human kind in a few hundred years… maybe…

Official website:

Comments: It was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Visually beautiful, funny in the right places, heartfelt and making you think about the ideas presented. Really really good, just a little too long and dragging in the segment on the spaceship but that part was fun too. I recommend it to everyone regardless the age.

Rating: 9/10

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Movie Review: Wanted


Featuring: James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Terence Stamp, Thomas Kretschmann, Common

Genre: action, thriller

Plot: Little nobody becomes somebody… sort of…

Official website:

Comments: If you want to see James McAvoy play a torn character watch Penelope, if you want to see Angelina Jolie look hot and kick ass watch Tomb Rider, if you want to see Morgan Freeman do a good part watch just about anything else. Don’t watch Wanted. The script is so poorly written, even aberrant at times, that I would have to grade it with a minus in front. Cool special effects, way too much unnecessary gore. And the ending sucks. For a movie whose message is supposed to be ‘take control of your life’ I won’t be surprised if we have another Natural Born Killers on our hands when some poor shmuck grabs a gun and start shooting everything around only to blame it later on this lame excuse of a movie.

Rating: 6/10

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Wolverine Photo

A new Wolverine photo from X-men Origins: Wolverine is featured in Empire Magazine.

Check it out at:

XMO: Wolverine - An Unofficial Website

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Short story - Freeze

A bit of good news today, on of my stories appeared in Nautilus, a sci fi and fantasy online magazine run by Nemira publishing house. There's no pay involved since it's an online magazine, I just get to choose a free book from them, but what is important to me it's the fact that I grew up reading sci fi novels from Nemira. I think I've got every book they published in the 90's. And on top of all my story came online right on my birthday so yey!

Here's the story, in Romanian:

Next step, a novel!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie Review: The Happening


Featuring: Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo

Genre: thriller, horror

Plot: Nature gives the humanity a warning?

Official website:

Comments: Honestly I don’t think M. Night Shyamalan made a decent movie since the Sixth Sense. I don’t know why I had hoped this one was better. The story is highly unbelievable, with little logical explanation and too much gratis gore. The plot is so full of holes you wouldn’t catch a fish with it in a tub with no water at all. Totally disappointing.

Rating: 6/10

Friday, June 20, 2008

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda


Featuring: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu

Genre: animation, comedy

Plot: Oversized Panda saves village from fearsome enemy.

Official website:

Comments: It was amusing and fun. Some of the scenes are very well done with acute attention put on details and since it involves animals I was less bothered by the CGI work. It was also one of the very few films in which I tended to like the villain better than the hero. Purrrrr… What worries me is what kind of message the movie sends to the obese kids who sit on the sofa stuffing themselves while watching kung fu/action movies on the TV and dreaming about the cool things they would like to do. Will it encourage them to go and do something about it or just sit there and wait for those things to come to them?

Rating: 8/10

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk


Featuring: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt

Genre: action, sci fi

Plot: Direct sequel to Hulk.

Official website:

Comments: I only watched this because it had Edward Norton in it and William Hurt, though I didn’t recognize William Hurt at first. He looks just odd rounder and with white hair. For a sequel it wasn’t bad, in fact it was better than the first one. My main complaint is that like with most comics inspired movies, there's lots of action and not enough plot. Sure, the CGIs are cool, but one cannot stop thinking that Edward Norton is wasted in such a part. He needs more screen time as himself. The appearance of Robert Downey Jr./Stark in the end was a hoot. Better than Iron Man because it was less schematic and more heartfelt.

Rating: 8/10

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Featuring: Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Shia LaBeouf, Ray Winstone, John Hurt

Genre: adventure

Plot: Indiana Jones 20 years later.

Official website:

Comments: I saw the movie after just having seen the other 3 one per weekend, it just happened that way. I’m not a big fan of the Indiana Jones movie, I think they’re ok but that’s about it and I won’t feel the need to watch them again for another decade. So I didn’t have great expectations when I saw the 4th one, I didn’t know what to expect really. It was very funny, I’d say. Indy’s aging character was done right, and a few others too, though the alien plot was a bit too far stretched. I mean, come on, Indiana Jones deals with the past, not with the future, but anyway… it wasn’t bad, and it was entertaining. Might not have the patience/will to watch it for another decade though. In a way, it’s like Dumas’ musketeers saga. The Three Musketeers was great. Twenty Years Later was a step down, but it brought back found memories and you can’t just miss it because of that.

Rating: 7/10

Saturday, June 7, 2008

2008 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships

Rank Name NOC Code Total Score Rk PenScore Rk Pen Score Rk Pen Score Rk Pen
1 KANAEVA Eugenia RUS 75.725
2 BESSONOVA Anna UKR 73.850
3 KAPRANOVA Olga RUS 73.375
4 ZHUKOVA Inna BLR 73.375
5 GARAYEVA Aliya AZE 71.800
6 GODUNKO Natalia UKR 71.425
7 PEYCHEVA Simona BUL 69.300
8 RISENSON Irina ISR 69.200
9 CID Almudena ESP 68.600
10 CHARKASHYNA Liubov BLR 67.350
11 GIMATOVA Dinara AZE 66.750
12 WEBER Caroline AUT 66.400
13 MITROSZ Joanna POL 66.125
14 RIVKIN Neta ISR 66.125
15 CANTALUPPI Julieta ITA 65.500
16 KIKKAS Irina EST 64.675
17 VASS Dora HUN 64.250

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bryce Dallas Howard to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in T4

Bryce Dallas Howard is in talks to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in Terminator 4. She is going to play the part of Kate Connor, the wife of John Connor, along side Christian Bale.

A Terminator 4 Bale - An Unofficial Website

Friday, May 30, 2008

Body by Milk Batman ad campain

Batman will be the hero of the Body by Milk ad campaign.

Check the ad and two new banners at:

Batman // Bale - An Unofficial Website

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Australia Trailer

Staring: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman

Director: Baz Lurhman

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christian Bale photos in Details magazine

Christian Bale photos featured in Details magazine can be seen on:

Batman // Bale

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


Featuring: Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Sergio Castellitto, Peter Dinklage

Genre: adventure, fantasy

Plot: The Pevensie kids go back to Narnia to save the kingdom.

Official website:

Comments: I was surprised to discover that the first Narnia movie has a lower score than this one on IMDB. The sequel has the usual flaws for a sequel, lack of details and focus mainly on the action. There’s also a way too long battle scene at the end, not mentioning too violent considering the target public for this movie. Another major problem I’ve had with it was the new lead character. His plastic-like face is too expressionless for the part. The animals were cute though.

Rating: 7/10

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Terminator 4 Bale

A Terminator 4 Bale - An Unofficial Website

Website dedicated to the new Terminator trilogy staring Christian Bale.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

OK's Top 50 Man Candy of the Year

1. David Beckham, 33, professional soccer player
2. Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 28, dancer
3. Shemar Moore, 38, actor
4. Antonio Sabato, Jr., 36, actor
5. Michael Phelps, 22, Olympic swimmer
6. Jesse Metcalfe, 29, actor
7. Jerry O’Connell, 34, actor
8. Ashton Kutcher, 30, actor/producer
9. Chris Carmack, 27, actor/model
10. Mario Lopez, 34, actor/dancer/TV correspondent
11. Pierce Brosnan, 55, actor
12. Jeremy Piven, 42, actor
13. Eddie Cibrian, 34, actor
14. Adrian Grenier, 31, actor/director
15. Hugh Jackman, 39, actor
16. Daniel Dae Kim, 39, actor
17. Lance Bass, 29, musician
18. LL Cool J, 40, actor/musician
19. Sean Faris, 26, actor
20. Liev Schreiber, 40, actor
21 Andy Baldwin, 31, doctor, US Navy
22 Simon Baker, 38, actor
23. Tyson Beckford, 37, actor/model
24. Lance Armstrong, 36, champion cyclist
25. Simon Cowell, 48, American Idol judge
26. Ryan Phillippe, 33, actor
27. Gavin Rossdale, 40, musician
28. Orlando Bloom, 31, actor
29. Scott Caan, 31, actor
30. Chad Michael Murray, 26, actor
31. Josh Duhamel, 35, actor
32. Will Smith, 39, actor/musician
33. Eric Dane, 35, actor
34, Chris Evans, 26, actor
35. Kelly Slater, 36, professional surfer
36. Daniel Craig, 40, actor
37. Gilles Marini, 32, actor
38. Lenny Kravitz, 43, musician
39. Eduardo Verastegui, 34, actor/musician/model
40. Amaury Nolasco, 37, actor
41. Matt Lauer, 50, Today Show host
42. Dennis Quaid, 54, actor
43. Prince Harry of Great Britain, 23
44. Ty Pennington, 42, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host
45. Andy Roddick, 25, tennis champion
46. Enrique Iglesias, 33, musician
47. Christiano Ronaldo, 23, pro soccer player
48. Robert Buckley, 27, actor
49. Nick Cannon, 27, actor/musician
50. Apolo Anton Ohno, 25, Olympic speed skater

There's also a page to vote for your favorite:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Review: What Happens in Vegas


Featuring: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Lake Bell, Treat Williams, Dennis Farina, Queen Latifah

Genre: comedy, romance

Plot: A couple married in Las Vegas instead of being given a divorce is sentenced to six months of hard marriage.

Official website:

Comments: I must admit it did cause some laughter, infantile laughter but laughter nevertheless. Other than that Cameron Diaz is over tanned, Ashton Kutcher has a very uninspired haircut, Lake Bell is even more annoying than in Over Her Dead Body, Treat Williams put on some weight and was retrograded to 10 lines characters, Dennis Farina hasn’t changed much, only his parts got worse, Queen Latifah was too big for such a small part.

Rating: 5/10

Monday, May 19, 2008

Australia Trailer

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hugh Jackman - Sunset Boulevard - The Perfect Year

Hugh Jackman and Debra Byrne singing The Perfect Year from Sunset Boulevard.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Review: Iron Man


Featuring: Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow

Genre: adventure, sci fi

Plot: Yet another superhero jumping from the comics to the big screen.

Official website:

Comments: Better than Superman Returns the movie still needs more than just an idea of a plot. One can’t count only on cool CGI and animation sequences to impress the public, though thinking about the standards of today’s audience maybe they can. No complaints against Robert Downey Jr., he played the part well and he was looking good too with more hair on his head. On the other hand Jeff Bridges’ character was very unconvincing and not interesting at all, while poor Gwyneth Paltrow was once again stuck with a two dimensional character like in the movie she did years ago with Jude Law. Terrence Howard was ok, though he could have used a better part too.

Rating: 7/10

Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Movie Review: Nim’s Island

Featuring: Abigail Breslin, Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler

Genre: adventure
Plot: Girl left alone on an island calls the writer of adventure novels for help.

Official website:
Comments: The trailer is misleading and let’s you hope for more, but that just doesn’t happen. There are also some discrepancies in the movie that makes you wonder why film makers think it’s ok to teach little kids things that are just not right. Other than that the movie is fun, both Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler playing their parts well, and for a kids movie I guess it’s alright. Now where’s that island again?

Rating: 6/10

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Australia movie website

Australia movie website is online at:

Not much there yet but there are some great wallpapers with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.