Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Step of Getting Published

So I'm getting published. No, it's not a novel. As it happens I haven't written that one yet. It's a short story, really short, called "The Souls of the Trees".

For over a year now I've been a member of Atelier Kult, an on-line literary workshop. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not one of the most active members, I've only got three stories posted there and they are not even my best ones. I received some good advices there, critics and praises, and I got insulted for my own critics. Oh, well... Let's just say it was an interesting experience.

About four years ago a selection of texts was published as a fantasy anthology and now they want to repeat the experience. Imagine my surprise when last month I was contacted regarding one of my stories, which they wanted to include in the new anthology. The title is "Dancing on Mars and Other Fantasy Stories" and mine is just one out of 19 stories. The poor thing will get lost among them, though I've read most part of the others and it won't be in such bad company, considering the fact that they are all new aspiring writers.

The book is announced here on the publisher's blog, and it can be seen and ordered here. No detailed description available so far.

What freaks me out a little is how easily it happened, especially without me having to put too much effort into it. I remember when I turned 28 I promised myself I would give myself two more years of writing whatever silliness I felt like doing, and then I would seriously focus on writing. Two years later I had one story published in an on-line magazine, the same story won an award later on, and now another story is about to be published on paper this time. Who would have thought? Definitely not me. I mean, I've always known I would write and publish someday, but not so soon.

Hmm, I guess it's time to go back to work and start on a new story. The theme is imposed but there's no word limit. Yey, happy me! I'll let you know how it went in three months.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thumbs-up!

Weird Vision said...


Vlad P. said...

Congrats! & Get back to work! :D

Weird Vision said...

Thanks. :)

Horia Nicola Ursu said...

ei? ai vazut-o? cum e? cum e? iti place? eu n-o sa o vad decit miine :(

Weird Vision said...

E frumoasa foc! :D Coperta. :D Inauntru n-am apucat sa vad mare lucru ca aseara cand au ajuns la mine exemplarele mi le-a smuls familia din mana si s-a apucat de citit. :)) Dar zau ca sunt frumoase. :) Multumesc!