Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When you're a bookworm, you need bookshelves

My biggest accomplishment this summer was having these bookshelves built and hung. Considering the fact that I've been planning it since Christmas, after having piles of books lay on the floor for years, it really is a big accomplishment.

The top shelves don't look quite like this at the moment. The picture was taken to show off my Nautilus collection so some rearranging had to be done. If I hadn't been so lazy and I had taken out the 'vintage' books from the back row of the old bookshelves, there would have been some more, but I feared it might fall off the wall because of the extra weight.

In time, as I get more books, some of these will migrate back to the old bookshelves, where there's still some room let. But for now, it's okay the way it is. Me happy.

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