Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look, Mom, I'm on Facebook!

I've been doing some research on social networking for writers lately, and it appears that the general opinion is that you just have to be well represented on Facebook for people to even know that you exist.

Now I've had a Facebook account for a few years, but my friends can testify that I'm hardly ever there and I mainly use it to post links to my blog posts. With regret I must announce that today I gave in to the social pressure and created a Facebook page dedicated to my writing activities:

25 people better Like it fast so I can change the URL to something more manageable, because there's no chance in hell anyone will ever remember that link the way it is now!

My usual ramblings will still go here, on the blog, though. The page is strictly reserved for writing related topics. Of course, right now the page looks more organized than the blog, which irks me a little, but well, one can't have it all.

Apparently you also must have a Twitter in your own name so this is where I draw the line. Maybe when my first novel gets published on paper I'll change it, but until then I'm keeping my @weirdvision account. There.


Mige ;) said...

Liked it fast ;)

Weird Vision said...

Thank you! :)