Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 April Reading List

The Edge of Hope by Alina Popescu – If you’re into paranormal romance, this might be the book for you. Amazon
The Voices of the Dead by Julian Sanchez – This book has similar problems to The Antiquarian. The first half is great then the supernatural takes over and everything goes down hill from there. The ending was predictable, and it’s not really an ending at all. 4/5 stars

CPSF4 – Hannu Rajaniemi’s stories are so far set in time that it makes it hard to relate to his characters. 3/5 stars Nemira

 CPSF5 –Ted Chiang always writes well, even when the stories are not very special, and Liviu Radu is, of course, always a treat. 4/5 stars Nemira

CPSF6 –Like I needed more proof that I’ll never be a horror fan. 3/5 stars Nemira

CPSF7 –I didn’t like 2013 so there’s nothing really worth mentioning in this one. 2/5 stars Nemira

CPSF8 – Alliette de Bodard writes well, but I don’t seem to care for any of the themes she approaches. Shrug. 3/5 stars Nemira

CPSF9 – I really hate it when they publish excerpts instead of full stories. 3/5 stars Nemira

CPSF10 – It pretends to be a hard sf issue, but the first two short stories are not and the essay is 25 years old. 4/5 stars Nemira

CPSF11 – The first story was too heavy and King’s didn’t belong here. 3/5 stars Nemira

CPSF12-13 –A double issue and not bad as a whole, but taken separately the stories weren’t that memorable. 4/5 stars Nemira

CPSF14 – Arthur C. Clark is always a treat, and Czeller describes an interesting universe that would have been a better fit for a novella. 4/5 stars Nemira

No One Writes to the Colonel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Beautiful prose with a great character arch. 4/5 stars  Amazon Bookdepository

Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Creepy children are a big turn off for me so I didn’t enjoy the story much, mostly because I didn’t quite understand why the girl behaved the way she did and she was an unlikable character. 3/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository

Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold – After diving in unfamiliar waters this month, it felt like finally coming home. 4/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository

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