Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: The Nightingale

 Starting with today, each Tuesday you'll meet one member of The Nightingale Circus crew via an excerpt of their origin stories. Enjoy!

Pushing the blonde wisps of hair away from her face with both hands, Cielo thrust her pointed chin up. “I refuse to live like this any longer.”
And here they went again. One day she would turn into a beautiful woman, but for now she was a skinny kid, only joints and bones, dressed in a too big shirt and faded shorts, and on the verge of a tantrum.
Rake’s chuckle didn’t help improve the situation.
“You were told not to leave the train,” Big Dino said in a reasonable voice. “You are safe there, and we can’t run around chasing after you to protect you.”
“I wasn’t safe the last time.” Cielo held his gaze without blinking. “No one was.”
“We fixed that glitch,” Spinner said, voiced subdued and head lowered between his shoulders. It had been his fault for not taking into consideration that particular scenario. The security system was new, and they still worked on figuring out all of its quirks.
Big Dino nodded in his direction. See?
“They would have hurt people.” A stubborn crease formed between the girl’s eyebrows. She was too young for wrinkles.
“We would have gotten to them in time,” Rake said, and Cielo glared at him. Not too young for holding a grudge.
“Not good enough,” Cielo said, her small fists clenching by her sides. “I want this to stop. I can’t keep killing people.”

(The Nightingale Circus Collection - The Nightingale)

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