Monday, February 2, 2015

A Short Update

I'm quite pleased with the work I did in January. I finished two short stories for Romanian anthologies, despite two rounds of cold and the Euros being on. The short stories are both sci fi, around 15k words, and while they do include sex scenes, there's no actual love story, which is unusual for me. Oh, and one of them is a little gory too. The good news is one of the stories is a prequel to a space opera series that I've been planning to write for quite some time. The first step is done now, I just have to translate it sometime later this year, preferably when I'm not sick and drowning in tea. I must have drank more tea this month than in my entire life, and I don't even like tea!

Well, in other news, I survived the Euros without being exhausted as more colleagues were available to help with AS work. But several of my favorite skaters have retired, and I still have to find new ones to root for, so while there were a few good skates and nice surprises, the whole experience was rather meh. It was my second week of cold, and that might have contributed to my inability to enjoy it fully.

I did, however, manage to go through The Stolen Wings Prophecy #1 once more. I promise it's the last time I do it. It's the 6th draft for God's sake! The story won't get any better than this. To avoid temptation, I asked my editor to save me a spot in her schedule, so it looks like we'll have a book release this spring after all. It's an urban fantasy with a New Adult feel -- a lighter read compared to Broken People, despite the darker subject.

And, finally, I left the good news last. Starting with today, I'm working on book 2 in Broken People series. I have about 20 chapters plotted already, that's about half the book, and it's going to be good! Check out the word counter from the side bar to follow the progress. It will be updated weekly. The goal is to have the first draft ready in three months. *rubs hands* *The Nightingale Circus crew groans, packs their bags, and relocates on a different continent* Tee-hee! :)

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