Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 June Reading List

Nemesis Games by James S. A. Corey – For me, the books work better when the crew is together instead of being split apart. And I would have been more interested in the alien world than a local conflict that isn’t really solved. Still, I liked it better than book 3, a little less than book 4. 4/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository 

Superposition by David Walton – I wasn’t taken by the narrator’s voice and each time the character’s name who was supposed to be Romanian (it’s not!) and the word “varcolac” were mentioned, it threw me right out of the story, but the science was smart and that saved the book for me. 4/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository 

The Vagrant by Peter Newman – Well, this was different. The narrator has a compelling voice, I’ll give him that. But the 3rd person distant POV made it hard to care for the characters and figure out the ‘why’s behind what we were shown. It was like watching a movie. I’m sure the writer had everything clear in his head, but what we were allowed to see wasn’t all that clear or interesting. We never really got to know the MC, and frankly, the goat was much more interesting. 4/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository 

The Gateway Trip by Frederik Pohl – One story was really good while the rest felt like a recap of the other books in the series. 3/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository 

The Girl Who Was Plugged In by James Tiptree Jr. – Imagine a world without ads. Wouldn’t you like to live there? Perhaps not. This was a sad story, but it couldn’t have ended in any other way. 4/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository 

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – Claustrophobic and overly rich in exposition. Unsatisfying ending. But it has not just one but four broken boys so… :) 3/5 stars Amazon Bookdepository

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