Thursday, January 14, 2016

Short Story: Fata racheta (Rocket Girl)

At the end of 2014, "Fata racheta" (the Romanian version of Rocket Girl, a short story from The Nightingale Circus short story collection, set in the Broken People universe) was published in the printed edition of Paradox magazine, issue no. 25-26.

Browsing the magazine's site the other day in search of clues on when the next issue will appear (guess why :) ), I discovered that "Fata racheta" is also available in the Paradox online edition. So go ahead and read it if you haven't yet. 

If you like the characters, there are more stories in The Nightingale Circus, and of course they also appear in the two novels in the series, Broken People and Broken Hearts.

Note: Only "Fata racheta" is in Romanian. The rest are all in English, I'm afraid.

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