Friday, June 24, 2016

The Wattys 2016 Awards and What to Read for Free

The Wattys 2016 awards are on, that is the awards given by the writing community, and I have two stories entered. One is Broken People, which was serialized last winter on the site. It's still there so yes, you can read the full novel for free. I hope you'll find The Nightingale Circus' world just as fascinating as I do.

The other story is Razbunarea lui Tepes. This is the Romanian edition of The Impaler's Revenge. I'm serializing it right now as I'm going through the final draft of the translation, and it will compete in the WattysRo category. By the way, The Impaler's Revenge is still available to read for free on Wattpad.

With so many stories from all over the world entered in the competition, the goal here is not to win in one of the categories but to gain exposure. So if you read my stories already, please help spread the word. If you haven't, read them, comment, vote, and then spread the word. :) Thanks!

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