Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take That - Up All Night

We're starting the year with a new Take That video. After the heat received on top of a skyscrapper in LA last fall, this time we're treated with a frozen middle age street party. The concept is fun and it can fit the theme of the song if done write, only that unfortunately it wasn't. The protagonists don't look like they're having fun at all, there are way too many shots of people we don't care about and the boys are barely there, not mentioning the fact that Gary Barlow is missing from the entire second half of the video. The reasons are known, he had to rush home because his wife was in labor, but really we expected more professionalism from the guys and not just throw something there and make do with what they had without making any extra effort to get it right. The whole feel of the video is cheap, rushed and poorly edited. We're actually this close to be embarrassed for them.

Still, Up All Night is a fun song with a lot of potential. Just take a look at this recording from Take That Come to Town ITV show and tell me am I right or am I right?

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