Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Librex Book Fair

Librex Book Fair took place in Iasi over the weekend. I nearly missed it because of the changing weather, but then on Sunday the sun came out and I finally got to go. Compared to last year, when I didn't wait until the last day to visit it, there were slightly more people and some of them were even buying. There also seemed to be more discounts, or at least they were more visible.

While I remember being impressed by how big and nice RAO stand was last year, now it was small and crowded. Pretty embarrassing really. Nemira, on the other hand, had a regular stand, well organized and looking rather decent. Corint was a joy to the eye with all the colourful covers, and they had some good discounts. I was surprised not to see more kids roaming around, but I guess kids don't read that much anymore these day. No need to say little brother picked a stack of fantasy books and we indulged him because his birthday is coming soon.

I got some books at my turn too, in preparation for vacation. :)

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