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Bonnie Bennett and her possible suitors (TVD)

(Written before The Vampire Diaries episode 2.9. Katerina was aired, but that wouldn't have changed a thing. No, I don't like Luka. :P)

Bonnie: Who has time for boyfriends when it rains death all over Mystic Falls? *grumbles and goes back to her spell book*

Bonnie is a very interesting and underrated character in my opinion. She was introduced as Elena’s best friend, developed into a witch and then kinda stagnated there.

Bonnie: It takes a long time to learn how to cast a spell properly and there are so many of them… *whines*

With all the things going on, we still don’t know that much about her other than her interaction with Elena and her friends and all the problems they have to deal with.

Bonnie: I told you, not enough time! *buries nose back into the book*

A romantic interest would help us discover another side of Bonnie, hopefully making her a fully fleshed out character.

Bonnie: Meh… who cares?... busy here…

It would also give the girl some time to relax and a break from all the spell casting.

Bonnie: Pah!... Did you say break? *looks up and listens intently*

So the question is who would be more appropriate for her and capable of making her happy.

Bonnie: Happy… *sighs as she hasn’t been happy since Grams died*

It can either be one of the guys we already know or someone new. Let’s take a look at the available suitors. Damon…

Bonnie: I hate him! *glowers*

…would probably make a kick ass pair with Bonnie, I can easily imagine them raising hell all over Mystic Falls, but I have to agree with her for the simple, selfish reason that the two of them are way too entertaining when they are at odds with each other and I would hate to lose that. Besides, Damon needs one of the ‘good guys’ to be able to keep him in line.

Bonnie: Thank you! *smirks*

Stefan now…

Bonnie: He’s alright… as a friend… I guess…

…he’s got Elena and there’s little chance for him to give her up. Unless he does it for Katherine, in which case Bonnie has my permission to fry him the way she tried to do to Damon.

Bonnie: Really? *arches an eyebrow*

Of course not, just kidding. Moving on… Since we’re done with the vampires (at least the ones we know at this point, and I don’t think she should hook up with one of the Original Vampires who are over 500+ years old)…

Bonnie: *shudders*

…I think we should explore her other supernatural options. No, I’m not talking about Supernatural, I’ll keep those boys for myself, thank you very much.

Bonnie: At least they’re human. *grumbles*

Unfortunately, Tyler has too much on his plate at the moment with the whole werewolf turning thing, and I don’t think Bonnie would put up with his mood swings. She knows way too many cool spells that can put a muzzle on that pup’s snout.

Bonnie: *smirks a little, still pretending she’s not paying attention to the conversation*

Since Uncle Mason is dead and gone, this leaves us with the human characters on the show. Alaric is too old…

Bonnie: Oh, please… I’m so not pulling a Lana Lang!

…and poor Jenna is in desperate need of a strong Van Helsing type of guy to protect her from all the evil forces out there.

Bonnie: *nods in full agreement*

Bonnie: Ahem… *coughs* Hello? Still there?

Sorry, got distracted thinking about Van Helsing… with less hair.

Bonnie: He’s a good guy, he kills vampires. You’re forgiven. Please continue.

OK, the next one in line is Matt.

Bonnie: So first he was with Elena, then with Caroline… and you want him to hook up with me next? Since when are we playing musical chairs in TVD? I thought fans were asking for a musical episode… *scrunches forehead*

Wait, let me finish first. Much like Jenna, Matt is the only regular guy who doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on. Instead of helping and supporting her, he would give poor Bonnie even more work and headaches.

Bonnie: Hear, hear. *nods repeatedly*

And I doubt Caroline would get her hands off him that easily. She and Bonnie have just become friends again, sort of, let’s not ruin that. So the only one left is Jeremy.

Bonnie: But he’s Elena’s little brother… sure, he looks good in a tux, and his biceps are filling nicely, but he’s like my little brother too. *confused*

They are cute together and I would have no problem if they got involved, but I think Bonnie would. Jeremy is a young man still at the beginning of his self-discovery journey, and he is more lost than she is in more ways than one. He can be supportive, but he will also need a lot of help in order to become the adult he is meant to be and fulfill his potential. This is not the type of complication Bonnie really needs in her life right now.

Bonnie: She has a point. *pensive look*

Did I forget anyone?

Bonnie: I don’t think so. *long sigh* That’s it. I’m supposed to remain single for the rest of my life… probably turn into a nun, join a convent or something. *shrugs*

Come on, we shouldn’t be so pessimistic, there’s always hope for someone nice to show up in the future.

Bonnie: Like who? *trying not to pout*

Like… someone close in age…

Bonnie: Not bad.

…with strong beliefs and life values that match Bonnie’s…

Bonnie: That’s always important!

… someone strong…

Bonnie: That’s nice. *smiles* Can he have a full six pack? *grins widely*

Well, alright, but I was thinking more of the likes of someone who has already gone through the whole self discovery teenage drama, someone who knows who he is, where he stands, where he wants to end up and how to get there…

Bonnie: Ah, that… okay, that should work too.

…preferably already in the loop regarding all supernatural things so the writers won’t have to repeat themselves when they clue Matt or Jenna in, assuming they will do it at some point.

Bonnie: Word.

And it wouldn’t hurt if he had some powers too that he could use to protect both of them and help her friends too in order to relieve some pressure off her shoulders.

Bonnie: And I thought no one understood me. *sighs*

He should be nice to her, supportive and understanding when it comes to her magic…

Bonnie: Yes, please. *pleading*

…someone she can rely on, someone who’s around to stay, who can be her rock…

Bonnie: *swoons dreamily and falls in a heap on the floor*

…and, most important, someone who really loves her.

Bonnie: I want a boyyyfriiieeeeeeennnnnddd!!!

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