Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nautilus goes digital

Nautilus magazine goes digital and my name is right there on the cover. :) I have no idea what criteria they used to sort the names of the writers featured in the prose section, but you won't hear me complain. Yes, the magazine is still free and the on-line version is still there, only now it's so much easier to read it. Current issue can be downloaded here and here.

And guess what? I love the cover art.

Good job, guys!


rreugen said...

Their kindle issue has the cover from Praxis by WJW. And I can't find the download links on their webpage.

It looks fine otherwise.

Weird Vision said...

I opened it with both kindle and adobe (on PC) and it looks better in adobe to me. I fail to see the resemblance to Praxis, though. There is no download link on the magazine's site yet.

Vlad P. said...

The mobi/kindle and the epub editions should have exactly the same cover... Do you guys have different covers for mobi and epub?

On the Mac I prefer the Kindle reader, cause it has columns and it reads faster.

Weird Vision said...

Same cover for me on both.