Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Venus - Erotic Sci Fi Stories

This is it, my first collaboration with SRSFF (Romanian Society of Science Fiction and Fantasy). They publish a yearly anthology on a given theme and have done it for three years in a row so far. This time around the theme was love.

The anthology is titled "Venus - Erotic Science Fiction Stories", compiled by Antuza Genescu and published by Eagle Publishing House.

Table of content:
Foreword - Marian Truta
"The Alphabet to Venus" - Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
'The Crippled People's Conspiracy" - Stefana Cristina Czeller
"A from Amsterdam" - Silviu Genescu
"The Truth in their Sights" - Ioana Visan
"Emanoil Popescu, Superhero" - Stefan Ghidoveanu
"The Lost Toys" - George Lazar
"White Stain, Silver Knight, Blonde Panther" - Liviu Radu
"A Temporary Phenomenon" - Antuza Genescu

The official launch will take place during Gaudeamus International Book Fair (November 23-27, 2011) and then during the ProspectArt meeting on December 16, 2011.

Me happy and can I say that I just love the cover?


Antuza Genescu said...

You're wrong. The anthology is not edited by Dan-Silviu Boerescu.

Weird Vision said...

Who is it then? I took the information from here:

Antuza Genescu said...

It was easy to guess where you took the info from, but did you check it twice before spreading it?

I am the compiler (compiler is the English for "antologator"). I even contacted you via e-mail to point out some errors in your story. You should have remembered it.

Weird Vision said...

Sorry, I thought you only checked the texts for accuracy and I had no reason to suspect the information on the SRSFF site was not correct. My bad. I corrected the post. Thanks for letting me know.

Antuza Genescu said...

Thank you