Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Librex Book Fair

Who on earth had the brilliant idea to move the Librex book fair to March? It's cold, and wet, and windy and overall ick... Last May we had such nice weather and it was a pleasure to go. Now only the idea of tons of books waiting there could drag me out of the house.

Anyway, the fair... same location like last year, less crowded though, but maybe that was because we arrived after 6 PM. Actually it felt like there were more people sitting down and listening to the speaker than those checking the books. The number of people buying was even smaller. I saw few people with book bags, and even when they carried some those weren't big.

Of course we had to do the opposite. According to our concept saying that "rather than get poisoned with all the junk they put in the food, better get educated" we got our fill, sci fi for me and fantasy for little brother as usual. I'll probably end up reading them both, when I run out of books, but that's okay.

Hopefully next year they'll move the fair back to May! And bring more new books!

PS I liked last year's free bookmarks better. The new poster is nice, but the bookmarks are ugly.

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