Thursday, March 1, 2012

Venus Review in Nautilus

I was left speechless and did a little bouncing in my chair after I finished reading Mr. Liviu Radu's review of Venus that was published today in the 50th issue of Nautilus magazine.

I wasn't expecting such big praises for a story that started as a love story, ended up as a crime story, and left me convinced it wouldn't make the cut to be included in the anthology because of that. Good thing I submitted it in the end, eh?

So spring has already started well for me. :)

For those interested, Venus is available on

Later edit: Yesterday things were still normal as in white background, black text and red links. Today I woke up to an alternate reality in which the background is dark gray, the text is white and the links are cyan. It looks like Nautilus got a make-over. It uses a theme similar to the one from Nemira's blog, only that now the blog looks almost decent compared to Nautilus. Good God, the front page is so busy! I can't find anything on it. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but it really is too busy. And because of the color scheme, I'm forced to go back to copy & paste big chunks of text into Word to be able to read them. Sigh. Yes, I know I'll get used to it in a month or two, but until then allow me to bitch. Can we get the next make-over soon? Like in... tomorrow?

P.S. I hope Gazeta SF doesn't change its layout too!

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