Saturday, November 7, 2015

Support Law and Crucible Saga Thunderclap Campaign

If you missed the cover reveals this week, know that three installments of the Law and Crucible saga will be released on December 15. The stories are already available for pre-order here.

I don't know how excited you are about it, but I know I am. The first steps was done, the stories are ready and uploaded, so the next goal is to spread the word. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr account, please support the Law and Crucible saga Thunderclap campaign. With one click, you'll have an announcement posted to your timeline on December 15 to let you friends and followers know that the saga is out. The mandatory number of supporters for the campaign to go live is 100, but there's no upper limit so the more the better.

Thank you!

P.S. The campaign has reached 100 supporters this morning before I got to publish this post, but you can still join!

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