Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Release: Law and Crucible Saga

I had been toying with the idea of writing an old-fashion space opera for a couple of years, but other projects kept getting in the way. So when The Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society opened the submissions for a space opera anthology, I was torn. I wanted to write for it, but my initial idea would never fit the length requirements.

After spending my summer vacation thinking about various ideas, by fall, I had a clear plot in my mind, ready to write. I was in the middle of the story when I realized I could tie it in with my Law and Crucible saga, and those rescued people weren’t just any space crew, but they were Law’s crew. And this is how the saga began with a prequel, No Port to Land

I’ve been living with this story in my head since the beginning of my self-publishing journey back in 2012. The plan was to release a post-apocalyptic novella, a shapeshifter short story collection, a vampire novella, and then the piece of resistance, a space opera series. Meanwhile, the vampire novella turned into a series that is completed now (The Impaler Legacy), and two other series, a sci-fi one (Broken People) and a fantasy one (The Stolen Wings), were started.

Finally, it was time for the space opera saga to begin. Point of Origin was the initial idea with Law and his asteroid, and I must confess after waiting for so long, writing it was uneventful because I already knew everything that was going to happen in the story.

Bonds of Steel is another story that wasn’t initially included in the main Law and Crucible story arc. If you check my writer resume, you’ll see I often write for Romanian sci-fi and fantasy anthologies, and it just happened one of this year’s themes involved robots. I groaned a little when I first saw the announcement because I was already juggling three series at the time and I had no time for something completely different. Then it came to me. I already had two robots, Del and Vee. Why not write a story from their point of view, showing their allegiances and the way their minds work? Sienna’s rescue would have to wait a little longer, but even that worked for the main plot just fine.

So, yes, there will be more novellas and short stories in this series. I already have the cover art for the next three installments so no worries, more is coming next year. Until then, the first three installments are available on Amazon for $0.99 and free with Kindle Unlimited, so get the books here, add them to your to read list on Goodreads here, and don't forget to leave a review once you read them.

I hope you'll have just as much fun reading this series as I did while writing it!

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