Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blog mention in Cultural Observer

Wow, I got a bit of a shock today when I discovered this blog was mentioned in an article written by Michael Haulica for Cultural Observer.

The author noticed that the blog was mostly dedicated to figure skating and less to my writing activities, which is partialy true.

There's one thing I need to explain. I am one of the managers of Absolute Skating, a figure skating portal, and we are in the middle of the skating season. And with the Olympic Games just starting, of course there'll be even more skating topics for a while!

On the other hand, this was never meant to be a writer's blog. It's simply a place where I talk about things that I consider to be interesting enough and worth sharing with the others.

These being said, thanks for the mention. Hopefully there'll be more writing related posts in the future. :)

And now I'm off to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony! ;)

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