Friday, February 19, 2010

I miss Yagudin

In the light of last night's events (Olympics Men's FS), I realised something I had sort of forgotten.

It's been seven years since 2002 Olympics gold medalist Alexei Yagudin has retired from competitive skating, and guess what? I still miss him terribly. And it's not just me who misses him, the sport that we call figure skating does too.

So I'm starting a new campaign: "I miss Yagudin"

If you ever liked and still remember Alexei Yagudin, then say so. Post it on your blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, message board or website and show the world he hasn't been forgotten.

Add the image listed below if you want a bit of color:

I miss Yagudin - width=400 px
I miss Yagudin - width=300 px
I miss Yagudin - width=200 px
I miss Yagudin - width=150 px
I miss Yagudin - width=100 px
I miss Yagudin - width=75 px

Or make your own.

Just remember...

I miss Yagudin.

Alexei Yagudin - 2001 Stars on Ice - Gladiator

Alexei Yagudin - 2002 Olympics SP - Winter

Alexei Yagudin - 2002 Worlds LP - The Man In The Iron Mask

Alexei Yagudin - 2002 Olympics EX - Overcome


dara said...

It is so true !!!
We all miss Yags, very very much !!!!

Weird Vision said...

I'm glad you agree. :D