Monday, February 15, 2010

Garage Sale: Vinyl Records - Discuri vinil

I've had this pile of vinyl records laying by the foot of the bed for years, and today after moving them around for the 1000th time in order to do some cleaning I've decided there was no point in keeping them. I have no proper storage space for them and all three pickups are broken with no chance to find the missing parts.

So I'm willing to part with my beloved records *sniff* in hope they'll find a better home somewhere.

There are 170 vinyl records with rock, folk, jazz, opera and classical music and 70 vinyl records with Romanian fairytales and radio plays. The music records are in good condition, while the others are a little worn.

If you want the pickups we can negotiate that too... kidding... or not.

Translation of the post:

Am 170 discuri vinil cu muzica rock, folk, jazz, opera si clasica si 70 discuri vinil cu basme si piese de teatru de care vreau sa scap. Discurile cu muzica sunt in stare buna, cele cu povesti sunt mai folosite.

Am si trei pick up-uri stricate daca intereseaza pe cineva. :P

Update: We've bought a turntable! :D So the records are no longer for sale.

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