Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Efectul de nautil" nominated at COLIN Awards

The good news keep on coming. "Efectul de nautil" (The Nautilus Effect) was nominated in the Best Sci Fi Short Story Collection category at COLIN Awards 2014.

Here are all of the nominees in this category:

Costi Gurgu, Cronici de la capătul Pământului, 2011
Ana-Veronica Mircea, Floarea de loldilal, 2012
Marian Truţă, A doua venire, 2013
Ioana Vişan, Efectul de nautil, 2013

I'm honored to find myself in such distinguished company and a bit surprised to see my little nautilus get this far. It turns out my little nautilus is not just any nautilus after all. 

Many thanks go to Michael Haulica who urged me to put this collection together, to Horia Ursu for publishing it, and to the members of the jury who nominated it. It made an already sunny day even brighter.

If you don't have it already, you can find "Efectul de nautil" here.

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