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The Impaler Legacy Q & A - Gabriel Trotuş

Transcript of the Academy graduation interview

Interviewer: Please state your name, age, and hometown.

Trotuş: Gabriel Trotuş, twenty-four years old, Bac ău.

How many years did you train at the Academy? 

Five years, three for the regular course, and two for the extended course.

You didn’t do the mandatory six-month training period? 

No, I applied for the full course from the start, and when I finished the regular course, I was accepted to continue based on my results.

What made you choose this path? 

My parents are factory workers. They couldn’t have afforded to send me to college for any number of years. Keeping me in high school was hard enough after my father was injured in an accident and could only work part time. It was tough all around. I wanted to get a job, but I was still a minor so I couldn’t. And after graduation, high school alone wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere. I still needed an education.

How did you get in? 

I had good grades, and I did okay at the physical tests.

Just okay? 

I’ve never been extra strong, but I compensate with my speed.

And is that enough? 

I doubted it in the beginning, but it turned out it is. I did well during all of our trips abroad. Not one scratch.

Yes, I see that in your file. The only injuries recorded happened during the training with our own people. How did you achieve that? 

A healthy dose of fear, sir.

I see. I’m glad it works for you. It’s hard to properly fear something you rarely meet in person. Still, why the extended course? You could have stopped after the first three years. It would have given you a decent social position and removed the burden from your family. 

If I’m going to do something, then I’ll do it right, sir. I could only achieve that by going all the way.

This qualifies you for offering protection to the Little Council. Are you sure you’re ready for such a big responsibility? 

I believe I am, sir.

This seems to be the opinion of the person who recommended you too. 

May I ask who that was, sir?

A certain Andrei Spânu. I believe you know him? 

Yes, sir, I do. We participated to missions abroad together. Twice. He was two years ahead of me and the leader of my squad.

Well, he received a promotion for a well done job in Syria, and when asked if he had any preference for a partner, he suggested your name. 

I’ll make sure to thank him for this opportunity, sir.

Yeah, well … Anyway, make sure to report to the Cantacuzino residence on Monday morning. 

Cantacuzino, sir? Miss Liana Cantacuzino?

Yes, she’s due a change of guards soon. Is this going to be a problem? 

No, sir. It’s just that … I wasn’t expecting to be assigned to protect a woman. I imagined she’d prefer female guards.

Did you see many female pandurs at the Academy? 

Not that many, sir.

Let me assure you that if Miss Cantacuzino wanted female guards under her orders, she would have changed the law by now and there would be an entire platoon waiting to fill in that position. 

I understand, sir.

I’m not sure you do. Do not underestimate Miss Cantacuzino. I trained her myself. 

I won’t, sir.

Good. She travels abroad quite often on diplomatic missions, so there won’t be time to get bored … or lazy. 

Never lazy, sir.

You better remember that. It hasn’t happened in a while, but you will still face charges of high treason if you lose a Little Council member who happens to be in your charge.

Yes, sir.

So, are you still willing to accept the position? 

I’m looking forward to it, sir.

In that case … congratulations, Mr. Trotuş, and may God have mercy on your soul. 

Thank you very much, Captain Nour.

(Scheduled to be published during The Impaler Legacy Omnibus blog tour, but it wasn't because of technical reasons, so this is a world premiere.)

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