Friday, November 28, 2014

Book Promotion with Thunderclap

I did no blog tour, book blitz, or Facebook party to promote the release of Broken People. Instead, I choose something new and allegedly less time consuming, a Thunderclap campaign.

I created the campaign on October 12, and it was approved the following day. Because the editing and the cover art weren't finalized, and I had no strict release date, I chose a later date, November 20, for the campaign to go live to have plenty of time for people to join.

And then the hard part began... for a campaign to go live, it needs at least 100 supporters to join with their Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr account. If this goal is reached, the same promotional message is automatically posted to their feeds.

So first I invited my friends and dedicated readers to join, but once friends expressed their doubts regarding the app that requested to access their profile and was apparently gaining too much freedom, it became clear I had a problem. I had researched it online and found no issues raised connected to Thunderclap, but it was also my first time using it, so I couldn't swear by it. And if friends didn't trust it, how could I expect strangers to join?

The solution was to find people who already had on going campaigns and support each other. I stalked Twitter for several days, and the supporter number increased nicely with as much as a dozen supporters on a good day. Then, since there's a group for anything on Facebook these days, I found a group dedicated to supporting book related Thunderclap campaigns. Everything worked out nicely from that point on, and on November 10, the campaign was fully supported.

I didn't stop there but continued to promote the campaign and support others until the last day. On November 20, there were 321 supporters with a 1,439,565 social reach.

The numbers looked good, and once the message went live, I sat back and waited. There were some retweets, but I saw no spike in sales, so as far as I'm concerned it was a waste of time.

I think it works if you already have a big following, willing to support and promote the campaign for you, or if the message announces a big discount or free books. So unless that's the case, I won't bother with it again.

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