Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 - Take Two

I find it hard to believe that a year ago I was starting to write Broken People as my NaNo project. Only half of it was done at the end of November, as planned, and then I finished it in the spring. The novel will be published later this month so yay me! :)

When I finished NaNo last years, I was satisfied with the result, but I also swore never to do it again as I found the experience too exhausting. Well, things change... So I'll do the NaNo again, only as usual, I'll do it my way.

This time around, the goal is to translate Broken People into Romanian, one chapter per day, so at the end of November I'll have over half of it translated, and then I can finish it in December. I only have two short stories planned to write this month and then a novella in December, so it should be doable. Let's see how it works!

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