Sunday, September 6, 2015

Planet Europa SF TOC

Europa SF revealed the table of contents of an upcoming SF short story collection edited by Gloria McMillan, Planet Europa SF:

Austria: “The Scent Organ” by Nina Horvath
Belgium: “Ambassadresses” by Yossi Faybish
Bosnia: “The Triglav Complex” and “Oh My God” by Adnadin Jasarević
Croatia:  “Apologue: On Climbing the Mountain of Life” by Darko Suvin and “The Trains Must Keep Running” by Ivan Lutz
Czech Republic: “Toothsome Smile, an Artificial Death” by Eva Hauserová  and “Spirit and Opportunity” by Božena Čechalová
Denmark: “The Lost Thunderegg” by Manfred Christiansen
Estonia:  “Laughter from the Past” by Siim Veskimees
France : “Elsa’s Eyes” by Sylvie Lainé  and “Louvre Moon” by Catherine Dufour
Germany: “The Spirits” by Michael Iwoleit
Greece:  “A Digital Agony” by Alekos Papodopoulos
Hungary: “The Last Writer” by Botond Markovics
Italy: “Midsummer Future” by Francesco Verso
Kosovo: “The Keeper of Dreams” by Fortesa Latifi
The Netherlands: “Agent of Change” by Mike Janssen
Romania: “Love according to ‘Ticks’” by Dănuţ Ungureanu and “Navigating through Fog” by Ioana Vișan
Serbia:  “Awakening” by Stevan Šarčević
Slovenia: “The Time Credit,” “Star Child,” „The DVD of Life” by Bojan Ekselenski
Spain: “The Road” by Rodolfo Martinez
Ukraine: “A Taste for Knowledge” by Vladimir Arenev
Yiddish: “A Flying Saucer lands on Temple Emanu-El” by Marleen S. Barr

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