Thursday, April 5, 2007

Movie review: 300


Genre: historic

Plot: the battle from Thermopile when Persians attacked Sparta - as far as I remember history wasn't twisted much

Acting: not bad, hated the King's voice but the Queen was cool

Drama: and some... conflicts all over the place

Action: lots of battle scenes, plenty of gore if you're into it but the visual were distracting enough not to make anyone puck

Funny: a few sarcastic lines

Visuals: very good, outstanding even, beautifully filmed, fit for a historic movie meant to give it grace and greatness... some scenes reminded me of Matrix in a way

Soundtrack: appropriate for most of the scenes though the final lament sounded like total rip off of some other song

Comments: If you like 300 (ok, maybe not 300, just 30 and the rest could have been computer generated as well) packages of meat in loin clothes with Superman red capes, metal buckets on their heads and oversized pot lids then you'll think you died and went to heaven. I heard people comparing it to Gladiator, hmm, my pick would be Maximus, the Spartan Queen, the visuals from 300 without the gore, actually without everything on the screen, only the idea of how they were made, and the Gladiator soundtrack.

Rating: 4/5 but I won't be seeing it again

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