Friday, April 6, 2007

Movie Review: Ghost Rider


Genre: sci fi

Plot: inspired from the Ghost Rider comics – imagine Faust in the future… not much of a plot though

Acting: Sam Elliot was good… but when all you like in a movie is the graveyard caretaker who has like 10 lines that says something about the movie as a whole

Drama: well, yeah, it’s unavoidable once the devil sticks its tail in it

Action: the second main character is a bike so of course there’s gotta be some action… actually watching the bike going up and down the sky scrapper was kinda cool

Funny: Nicholas Cage with hair… kidding… but Ghost Rider when it’s all on fire is hilarious, even with the sound off

Visuals: good CGI, the rest wasn’t so great. My favorite image is this one

Soundtrack: don’t remember

Comments: It’s one of the lamest comics adaptation for the big screen I’ve ever seen. Nicholas Cage gives his regular dumb clueless look, Eva Mendes is hot but not much else, her or a ditzy blonde wouldn’t have made much difference, Peter Fonda must be really short on cash to have accepted a part that he doesn’t even pull off well, unlike him the other bad guy was at least creepy. Liked Sam Elliot as I’ve said it already.

Rating: 2/5

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