Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Movie review: TMNT


Genre: animation – need I say more? Obviously aimed at under 5 years olds as far as complexity is concerned

Plot: crossover between The Mummy, Stargate and The Fifth Element

Acting: the voices were rather well done

Drama: fallout between brothers – Moses should sue the screenplay writers for copyright infringement

Action: fights, explosions, etc. Batman should sue them too.

Funny: occasionally… not enough

Visuals: very good, better than expected for an animated movie, too bad humans still look like toys… the turtles look like Chipendales members and what happened to April’s yellow suit?

Soundtrack: not bad, even fitting at times

Comments: As someone who was watching the ninja turtles religiously every evening I was expecting more from this movie. I used to like April and imagine being in her place even if she had short hair, but I wouldn’t trade places with this one even if you paid me. I also missed Shredder, he used to be the first bad guy I liked, of course that changed after I got to see it in colors and realized he didn’t have a yellow helmet and he was too blueish for my taste. And the turtles used to be more fun.

Rating: 3/5 with indulgence

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