Monday, December 24, 2012

Story: For the Love of a Man

Sender: Gliese 777 b, Cygnus
Physical address: Encrypted
Decoding: Valid
Receiver: Gliese 777 b, Cygnus
Physical address: Encrypted
Decoding: Valid
Protocol: Shortest Relay Path
Handshake: OK

Begin transmission.


Dear Mom,

I have some news for you. We’re moving! Greg was offered a position as first ecologist administrator in the Ohm system. Yes, I know it’s two galaxies away, but with the recently discovered faster-than-light traveling technology you can visit us any time you want, so don’t worry about it.

Why are we moving into a system with zero population, no entertainment and basically nothing of interest outside the personnel’s base? Because once all the FTL terminals are installed, Greg will arrive home from work 2.5 hours earlier than usual. The regular delivery service can only move our orders up one hour, which is not enough time for me to take care of everything before he arrives home, and we won’t be able to afford extra FTL travel for a while. Not mentioning the fact that Greg will see it in our joint account transfer records. And then, he’ll figure out I cannot cook. I will not lose my marriage over this FTL business.

So we’re moving. The pay is smaller and there might not be much for me to do there, but the beauty of it is that Ohm has been declared a natural reservation and no FTL travels are allowed in the area. We’ll be safe there. Please, be happy for me, Mom. Greg means the world to me, and I will do anything for him, even subject myself to a life full of boredom. Hey, maybe I’ll learn to cook!

Until then, you can still send in the casseroles as usual, just remember to add a type two preservation additive after we leave.  It’s especially made for long distance travel and it will keep the food good for years. And you won’t have to cook every day anymore. I did some research and I can easily blame the foreign flavor on the local flora. See, I have it all figured out! Greg will believe me since he can’t cook either. He loves your lasagna so don’t forget to make at least one portion per week. Thanks!

Your loving daughter, lost in the middle of packing,


End of transmission.

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