Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 April Reading List

Heechee Annals by Frederick Pohl – I liked this series but this book not so much. I don’t usually like whiny characters and in this one the hero was borderline annoying. 3/5 stars

CPSF1 – Not at all impressed by the story and the explanatory article. 3/5 stars

CPSF2 – I very much liked both the Mars story and article. 4/5 stars

CPSF3 – I liked CPSF2 better. Heavily loaded with details prose puts my patience to the test, and I’ll always take sci fi over fantasy. 4/5 stars

Zombii. Cartea mortilor vii (Zombies. The Book of the Living Dead),editor Mircea Pricajan – I don’t normally read horror, but since one of my stories is included in the anthology, I just had to see what the others had written. My favorite stories were those written by Laura Sorin, Liviu Radu, and Florian Nan. 4/5 stars

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection (vol.1) by Gardner Dozois – I liked more than half of the stories so a good read. 4/5 stars

Calatorii in timp. Antologie de povestiri SF (Time Travels. An Anthologyof Sci Fi Short Stories) edited by Antuza Genescu – I’ve got a fun little story in there too so I was curious to see how it rate compared to the others. I think I did well. :) However, it struck me as odd the high number of men complaining about their wives or one woman in particular. 4/5 stars

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – I’m not a fan of circus stories, but this was a charming story if we ignore the overly telling, heaps of details and mushiness. 4/5 stars

Jack Glass by Adam Roberts – I loved the cover art. However, I didn’t care much for the first story and the first half of the second one. I was this close to gave up on it and put it down when the story suddenly became interesting. The narrative is somehow twisted and it gets ridiculously sappy by the end, but we’ll ignore that. 4/5 stars

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