Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's a wrap!

Last night I finished writing the third novella in The Impaler Legacy series. I pulled double duty all week, as in increasing the daily writing quota to 1,500 words from the usual 1,000, but it's done. It's a few thousand words shorter than the other two novellas in the series, but it will grow during rewrites when I develop some scenes more and add descriptions, so I'm not worried. Besides, if there's something I learned from Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi, it's that a story end when a story ends. 
Bottom of line: it's done!

The three novellas and two short stories amount to a total of cca. 120,000 words. That's the size of a novel, and a big one. It only took six months to write it. I wasn't sure I was able to pull it off as I'm not such a fast writer, but I did. Back in February when I announced the release of my Romanian short story collection "Efectul de nautil", Mr. Ghidoveanu asked me while I was a guest on his radio show on Romania Cultural when the public would see a novel from me. I didn't give him a straight answer because I wasn't 100% convinced I could deliver. Well, Mr. Ghidoveanu, here's your novel! Sure, it's in English, and it's split in several parts, but it makes sense as a whole.

Now don't get too excited, The Impaler Legacy #2 still needs to be released first. So watch this space for an announcement in July. I'm still working on the blurb, and it takes forever to write it. The ebook will become available towards the middle of August. The Impaler Legacy #3 will follow sometime in December. Yes, rewrites and edits will take this long, I'm afraid.

What to expect after this? The Stolen Wings trilogy is next on the list. How do you feel about a Fairy without wings?


Alina Popescu said...

Congratulations on finishing part III! Good luck with the editing and hope you publish them all soon enough. Who knows, maybe eventually you translate it in Romanian and publish it all together as a novel. Then everyone will be happy :)

Weird Vision said...

Weeell, that thought did cross my mind. :) Thank you!