Saturday, March 12, 2016

Librex Book Fair 2016

Another spring, another book fair. The weather sucked as it was close to raining, but at least this year we made it to Librex on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday just before closing. Atrium Palas is a good place for a book fair, conveniently close to me; however, despite the large available area, the stands felt crowded. There were books and there were people checking them out, though probably not too many buyers. 

I felt like the offer is getting poorer year after year. It didn't help that I already had the SFF books I was interested in or I had already read them in English. This doesn't mean I returned home empty handed. I just had to shop out of my comfort zone, several swashbuckler novels I hadn't initially planned to get, some humorous books, and a thriller. The one I was looking forward to get apparently hasn't been translated yet. Oh, well. 

So, it's officially spring and I have a pile of new books to read so I'll see you when I see you. :)

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