Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Cele 1001 de scorneli..." Review (2)

Among other books, Liviu from FanSF reviewed "Cele 1001 de scorneli are Mosului SF" too. Really, I can hardly think of a better compliment than comparing my prose to Isaac Asimov's (let's hope he wasn't thinking of Asimov early works, eh? :P). :) Read the full review here.

In other news, "Cele 1001 de scorneli are Mosului SF" made it into the top 5 Romanian sci fi books published in 2012 and voted by Galileo magazine's readers.

And the cover art is getting praises from Marian Mirescu, Tudor CiocarlieMichael Haulica, and Florin Cristian in Galileo.

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