Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 January Reading List

The Name of the Wind byPatrick Rothfuss – It was quite a bit of a pain to read. I was more interested in the present time situation, but the author kept dragging me into the past, starting from early childhood and dwelling for an unnecessarily long time in his youth. I enjoyed Mistborn: The Fallen Empire much more.  4/5 stars

Shrads of Honour by Lois McMaster Bujold – Enjoyable, though it’s quite clear it was written in another century. 3/5 stars

Storm Front by Jim Butcher – Silly fun, but the all too powerful wizard Harry Dressen sounded like a whiny girl most of the time, so, umm, no. 3/5 stars

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock – The writing flows nicely, but I got quickly bored by all the trees, woods, mythagos and story within story. I merely leafed through the last quarter of the book and couldn’t wait for the story to end. 3/5 stars

Millennium by John Varley – The first POV for two characters used for the entire book can take a while to get used to, but the book delivered in the end. 4/5 stars

Killing Floor by Lee Child – I haven’t seen the Jack Reacher movie yet so I wasn’t influenced by it. The short sentences nearly killed me. It works for short stories but not for novels, and a long one at that. I felt zero connection with the hero and the plot was not that interesting to begin with. 3/5 stars

Armata moliilor by Liviu Radu (Moth Army) – Great fun, though the part with the hero was more interesting than the one about the wizard. 4/5 stars

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion – I picked this one up because I saw the movie trailer and thought it might be fun. I liked R, but I didn’t care for Juliet and her world. The airport life was more interesting. The same goes for the book, the first half is ok, the second half not so much. 3/5 stars

Star grading system reminder:
1 star - you won't find any so it doesn't matter
2 stars - waste of time or unfinished book or both
3 stars - you won't be sorry for reading it but you can just as well live without it
4 stars - it brings something special into your life
5 stars - brilliant, damn near perfect

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