Monday, May 4, 2015

A Short Update (2)

I'm happy to let you all know the first draft of Broken People book 2 is done. I started it on February 2nd and finished it on May 2nd. That's three months -- the exact time I had planned for it. It would have been ready sooner, but two weeks led to zero writing on account on being sick, and then another week was busy with Easter and the release of The Weight of a Wing. Since I met my deadline, it's all good.

Next, I have to get the second draft done, run it by my critique partners, finish a new draft, send it to my editor, and then complete the final draft. It's a long process, so expect to get your hands on the book sometimes in the fall. I will release the title, synopsis, and book cover as soon as the illustrator finishes the cover art.

Of course, the rest of the year won't be spent only polishing Broken People #2. Since I just completed a novel, I'll work on shorter pieces for a while: one short story for a Romanian magazine and two short (longish) stories for Romanian anthologies -- one of them will be another installment in my upcoming space opera saga while the other might or might not feature The Nightingale Circus; I haven't decided yet.

In English, the piece de resistance will be book 2 in The Stolen Wings series. The first book was well received so there definitely has to be a second book. I have the first 15,000 words already written, so the rest will only take another three months. Then, I have to translate the prequel of the soap opera saga and write/translate the above mentioned circus story. Aside from that, I have to write an angel and demon short story and, if there's still time left, either the first novella in the space opera saga or an angel and demon novella from the same series.

That's a lot of writing so we'll see how much of it I can actually get done before the end of the year.

As far as releases go, there will be an angel and demon short story released in June (not entirely something new as some of you might be familiar with it), Broken People #2 in the fall, and the circus story or the space opera prequel for Christmas. If anything else gets ready in time, there might be more, but I make no guarantees.

So, this is all from me for now. Back to writing.

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