Friday, May 8, 2015

Indie Friday: I'm Here

Guest post by Michelle Gordon

I'm Here is a story about a girl who is haunted by a boy that she had a crush on in school. After he passes away, he comes to visit her, and then finds ways to communicate with her. We get to see both sides of the story, from her point of view and from his, and he does everything he can from the dimension where he resides, to protect her from potentially dangerous situations. As their connection strengthens, they realise they are falling in love with each other. The story explores the idea of a relationship that others cannot see, with the sacrifices we make for the ones we love, and with the idea of what is fated and destined - can we really choose the reality we wish to experience?

The story is based on my own real-life experiences with a spirit who looks after me. It was his 'nudges' that I received through meditations and messages from mediums that encouraged me to write the story, but I found it quite difficult to do. From the first message I received to write the story, to the actual publication, was probably a timespan of about 3 years. I started writing the story several times, and I really struggled with the idea of writing it in the first person, as I generally write everything in the third person. But when I tried to change it to third person, it just didn't read very well. In the end, my spirit friend was visiting my editor in her dreams, to get her to push me into finishing it! The relief of actually finishing the book was immense, as at one point I just didn't think it would happen.

It's a book that fits into a few different genres; it's a paranormal romance, it's visionary fiction, and it's also what I call spiritual fiction. (I would love for the term spi-fi to take off!) Ultimately, at heart, it's about love. And about what we would or wouldn't do in the pursuit of that.

To get the book out into the world, I created the 'I'm Here Book Tour', and I (and many lovely fans) distributed cards bearing a code where you could download a PDF copy of the book for free. I also shared the link online, and then created a map with pins in all the places it has been downloaded. From that marketing experiment, I have made some beautiful friends and now have some very enthusiastic fans, so it was worthwhile doing it! I've also had some wonderful feedback from people who have been inspired and helped by the story, and it's feedback like that which reminds me why I continue to write and to bare my soul to the world. You can still download the book for free here.

You can also get it in paperback format and on Kindle from Amazon. The cover of the paperback is rather lovely!


I'm Here by Michelle Gordon

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