Monday, November 25, 2013

Ebook Formatting Services for Indie Writers

I've been a self-published/indie writer for 18 months now, which means I'm in charge with the entire publishing process from the beginning to end. Some tasks I delegate, like editing, but the rest I pretty much do by myself, and this includes manuscript formatting before uploading to various platforms.

After 6 published titles (soon to be 7), it occurred to me that I had enough experience when it comes to ebook formatting and I could offer my services to other writers. Not everyone is ready to tackle everything, especially the technical part, but I never minded that. So after thinking about it for like 5 minutes, I decided to put the idea into practice and came up with this site: (alternate URL

For now, I only offer formatting for Kindle (.mobi). My experience with .epub is restricted to formatting for Smashwords, and while I'm getting better at it, I still feel like it's a bit of a hit and miss at times. So no .epub, but possibly in the future it will be added to the list too. Mobi will do for now, and let's face it, everyone wants to be on Amazon, right?

Take a look at the site, and if you know anyone interested, send them my way. The prices are very low right now compared to what's out there. I'll increase them once I get more clients, so now it's your chance to get your Kindle ebooks formatted for cheap.

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