Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Recap

2014 was an exhausting year. A lot has happened, and each bit took its share of work. Let's take a look...


- in Romanian

4 short stories meant for anthologies, out of which:
  • 1 story submitted; project status unknown.
  • 1 project cancelled because of lack of contributors
  • the other 2 projects are still on going, and I'm supposed to send the texts in the beginning of next year.
Note: It's getting harder and harder to write in Romanian. It took me forever to write those short stories.

- in English

1 novel
1 short story collection (7 short stories)
1 fanfic written in the spring for good old times' sake.


- in Romanian

Short stories included in anthologies:

2 short stories submitted to print magazines; 1 was supposed to be published at the end of this year, dunno about the other one.

1 short story published in an online magazine:

- in English

1 short story collection
1 novel
1 omnibus
1 short story
  • The Nightingale Circus (Broken People, #0.5), December, 2014 
  • Broken People (Broken People #1), November, 2014
  • The Impaler Legacy Omnibus, March, 2014
  • The Third Wheel (The Impaler Legacy #3.5), March, 2014


about 70 books read (my list doesn't always correlate with the one on Goodreads)
24 read on paper, the rest on Kindle (I really want a Kindle Voyager! mine is getting old and dirty LOL)


over 160 books formatted for ebook and print.


I know this is a big logic jump, but we had two litters this year, one less successful than the other, and they all took a lot of our time and energy. We began the year with two cats, and we're ending it with four, including two males, which wasn't part of the plan at all. :P


We spent a lovely week in Istanbul in August, in between kittens. Great weather! And cats, a lot of cats among other things.


Several minor, nagging aches, but less colds than usual, which was a relief.

And we had a nice Christmas with a big tree despite the cats, no accidents, and now we're ready for the new year. See you soon!

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