Monday, December 22, 2014

New Release: The Nightingale Circus

The Nightingale Circus is out! If you read Broken People and liked the characters, this is your chance to find out why they came to the circus and why they stayed. Read a sample here.

About the same time last year, I was in the middle of writing Broken People, but the winter holidays got in the way, and when they ended, it was hard to get back to writing. The novel had taken an unexpected turn, so I started to think about my characters, who they were and what they wanted for real. I had the first three short stories written in no time.

After that, I returned to the novel and finished it, but I kept adding one short story per month just for fun. I guess I had a hard time letting go of the characters, too. And so I ended up with a short story collection aside from the novel.

If you read The Nightingale Circus first, know that all these characters return in Broken People and work together on a big heist. 

The Nightingale Circus is available via Amazon and Smashwords, and soon through other channels too. If you read it, please take the time to leave a review on Amazon and GoodReads. Thank you.

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