Sunday, March 25, 2007

2007 Worlds - Exhibition Gala

Due to the summer hour change I missed the first half an hour of the gala. It went something like this only scrambled and in reversed order:

Xue SHEN / Hongbo ZHAO CHN – Caruso by Il Divo, greyish smoky costumes, very distinguished
Qing PANG / Jian TONG CHN – Adagio, light mauve costumes
Aliona SAVCHENKO / Robin SZOLKOWY GER – West Side Story, white for her and I think black for him
Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR / Stanislav MOROZOV UKR – Bonnie Tyler’s Turn Around the French version, black for him white for her, possibly her LP dress

Brian JOUBERT FRA – a Josh Groban ballad, black with a red tinge shirt, I don’t know why he insists on ballads for exhibition numbers, they don’t tell me anything, the encore was more dynamic and much better
Daisuke TAKAHASHI JPP – El Tango del Roxanne from Moulin Rouge, black see through shirt, good though not the best tango I’ve seen
Stephane LAMBIEL SUI – his last season Vivaldi program, the sunburned frozen zebra costume
Tomas VERNER CZE – The Pink Panther, black suit with pink gloves and black hat which was replaced towards the end with a white Japanese head band; it didn’t feel unnecessarily long like it did at the Europeans

Albena DENKOVA / Maxim STAVISKI BUL – Aika or something like that, anyway new to me, awful bright pink-orangish costumes, the encore was much better being the end of their FD
Marie-France DUBREUIL / Patrice LAUZON CAN – a Tina Turner song, blue with gold dress for her, yellow top for him
Tanith BELBIN / Benjamin AGOSTO USA – Latino mix, pink costumes minimal for her, she looks great but when you can count the ribs from across the arena you better cover yourself
Isabelle DELOBEL / Olivier SCHOENFELDER FRA – Io so che tu by Davide Esposito, the black tango costumes, their traditional moves put on a different music

Miki ANDO JPN – black little dress that would have looked better at a cocktail party, a Japanese singer sang during her program and encore, nothing special
Mao ASADA JPN – Habanera from Carmen, black with purple instead of red
Yu-Na KIM KOR 186.14 – Christina Aguilera from Mulan soundtrack
Kimmie MEISSNER – a ballad sang by a female artist I didn’t recognize, light yellowish dress too open in the back I’d say

The closing was to Ravel’s Bolero and it was nice to see it did have some choreography put in it. Single skaters did their element in pairs. Too bad Ando fell again when she did her jump. A nice while not startling gala as a whole.

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