Monday, March 19, 2007

2007 Worlds - Ladies Initial Comments

Joannie ROCHETTE – for some reason I’m not impressed of her skating
Kiira KORPI – really liked her even since last season, with a good coach she might just make it
Susanna POYKIO – lovely skating in spite of the not so great technique
Elene GEDEVANISHVILI – give her a couple of years, she might just sweep everything
Julia SEBESTYEN – I’m afraid her glory time is gone
Carolina KOSTNER – gracious, also boring, could make it top 5
Miki ANDO, Mao ASADA, Yukari NAKANO – I’m putting them together because I don’t know what surprises they might come up with, technique better than good possibly but not much else
Roxana LUCA – I’ll be surprised if she makes it for FP
Elena SOKOLOVA – top 10, maybe… or not
Lina JOHANSSON – she did good at Nordics, for her sake I hope she manages clean programs
Sarah MEIER – top 5 with a chance for the podium
Emily HUGHES – too heavy but she does fight for it
Kimmie MEISSNER – it will be interesting to see her results now after the last season World title.

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