Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 Worlds - Men SP

I’ve only seen the last two groups, wished I had seen more.

1 Brian JOUBERT FRA 83.64 – he sure delivered, no mistakes, nothing major anyway, Bond is a good program and the costumes is nice too
2 Jeffrey BUTTLE CAN 79.90 – he fails to impress me, his artistry is not bad I suppose but there is no story to his program
3 Daisuke TAKAHASHI JPN 74.51 – I knew he was something special since the first time I’ve seen it coached by Tarasova a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the podium
4 Johnny WEIR USA 74.26 – not a convincing program, I’ve seen him do better
5 Evan LYSACEK USA 73.49 – not bad, of course he’s very far from Yagudin’s routine on the same music, but he’s not a kid anymore
6 Stephane LAMBIEL SUI 72.70 – too bad he failed two jumps, his program was better than most of those ranked above him
7 Christopher MABEE CAN 71.33 – missed this one
8 Sergei DAVYDOV BLR 70.72 – missed him too and I really wanted to see him
9 Tomas VERNER CZE 70.45 – he doubled the Axel unfortunately and performed less well then he did at the Euros but I hope he can climb up a bit with the FP
10 Alban PREAUBERT FRA 70.06 – I liked him better than expected, more than at the Euros anyway
11 Emanuel SANDHU CAN 69.42 – could have been well, but it wasn’t and I’m afraid his time is gone.

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