Monday, March 19, 2007

2007 Worlds - Men Initial Comments

Sergei DAVYDOV – he did nicely at the Euros this season, he’s graceful and the technique isn’t bad, too bad his programs are boring
Jeffrey BUTTLE - haven’t seen him this season, could be a contender for the podium
Emanuel SANDHU – too inconsistent, when he does well he can be great, when he messes up he really messes up, top 10 I’d say
Tomas VERNER – really challenged Joubert at the Euros, would be nice to see him in top 5 though it might be a lot to ask
Ari-Pekka NURMENKARI – someday in the future he might be good
Brian JOUBERT – if he controls his nerves he can win, I hope he does
Alban PREAUBERT – he takes it over Stanick Jeannette, not sure I like that
Stefan LINDEMANN – this doesn’t seem to be his season
Karel ZELENKA – another hope for the future maybe
Daisuke TAKAHASHI – I liked him a couple of seasons ago, we’ll see how he does now
Zoltan KELEMEN – not expecting much from him, it’s too soon, he needs more training, don’t think he’ll qualify for FP
Andrei LUTAI – a childish Plushenko copy, wished he was more original than that
Gregor URBAS – well, sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t…
Kristoffer BERNTSSON – love his short program and for once his FP is not classical crap he can’t pull through, he finally learned and does what he’s good at, good for him!
Stephane LAMBIEL – two times World champion, that should count to something, but we’ll see how much after all his injuries
Evan LYSACEK – he improved his choreography a lot, maybe not enough though
Johnny WEIR – great choreography usually though inconstant, still think he skates like a girl.

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