Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2007 Worlds - Pairs FP

It was sad that Petrova / Tikhonov withdrew (because they had placed so low in the SP evil minds would say), but it was even more moving seeing Dorota cry by the boards when her husband got injured during the warm-up. Maybe both pairs should have retired after the Euros and not just wait until Worlds and be forced to withdraw.

1 Xue SHEN / Hongbo ZHAO CHN 203.50 1 1 – not as good as their Turandot (?) World performance that earned them a gold medal but more than enough for them to get the title
2 Qing PANG / Jian TONG CHN 188.46 3 2 – I liked their SP slightly better but it was still good and the costumes were better even if they had nothing to do with the theme of their program. They remain my second favorite pair at the moment.
3 Aliona SAVCHENKO / Robin SZOLKOWY GER 187.39 2 3 – they both made mistakes, nerves I guess, too bad
4 Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR / Stanislav MOROZOV UKR 173.62 8 5 – while I don’t usually like them they were unexpectedly good, they improved a lot since their first apparition on the international skating scene
5 Dan ZHANG / Hao ZHANG CHN 173.39 10 4 – many mistakes and overall lacking in quality, far from their good form from last season

I’m happy with the podium. :)

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