Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2007 Worlds - Ice Dance CD

Since there isn’t much to say let me be picky and mean.
As a general observation there was so much skin it felt like a day at the beach and so many hairless chests ewww I wonder if they shaved?

Kristin FRASER / Igor LUKANIN – isn’t yet the time for her to retire, she looks old
Albena DENKOVA / Maxim STAVISKI – always liked them since they first showed up with that African dance, liked the pink dress, she must really like it too since I’ve seen it last season too
Marie-France DUBREUIL / Patrice LAUZON – less impressed with her hair than I was last season and good God someone should have put on a warning to put on sunglasses before she showed up in that green neon dress
Isabelle DELOBEL / Olivier SCHOENFELDER – she looks good in yellow like she did at the Olympics only that this particular costume makes her breasts look double in size
Sinead KERR / John KERR – don’t know why but blue just doesn’t work for me on ice, still the costume was rather nice from close
Alexandra ZARETSKI / Roman ZARETSKI – simple red diva dress worked for her in spite of her big thighs
Federica FAIELLA / Massimo SCALI – didn’t like the dress
Oksana DOMNINA / Maxim SHABALIN – very sexy the black veil over the 50’s pink swimming suit
Jana KHOKHLOVA / Sergei NOVITSKI – black and gold sexy dress like the one she wore at the Euros gala, wait it was that dress
Tanith BELBIN / Benjamin AGOSTO – worst outfit of the CD, too busy showing too much and just awful dress, her designer should be fired! I preferred her blonde, nice earrings though.

Ice Dance CD Results:
1 Marie-France DUBREUIL / Patrice LAUZON CAN 38.96 1
2 Albena DENKOVA / Maxim STAVISKI BUL 37.42 2
3 Oksana DOMNINA / Maxim SHABALIN RUS 37.29 3
4 Isabelle DELOBEL / Olivier SCHOENFELDER FRA 37.20 4
5 Tanith BELBIN / Benjamin AGOSTO USA 37.17 5
6 Jana KHOKHLOVA / Sergei NOVITSKI RUS 33.32 6
7 Federica FAIELLA / Massimo SCALI ITA 33.29 7
8 Sinead KERR / John KERR GBR 32.09 8

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