Friday, March 23, 2007

2007 Worlds - Ice Dance FD

I’ve only seen half of the group before the last one and I was half asleep so I can’t say much about it. As for the last group…

1 Albena DENKOVA / Maxim STAVISKI BUL 201.61 2 1 1 – they well deserved it, they are so cute together and looked good in those white and gold bondage costumes
2 Marie-France DUBREUIL / Patrice LAUZON CAN 200.46 1 3 2 – they were sweet, and it’s probably one of the few dances without much of a story that I really like
3 Tanith BELBIN / Benjamin AGOSTO USA 195.43 5 2 4 – her blue dress was better this time around but they still look kinda childish to me
4 Isabelle DELOBEL / Olivier SCHOENFELDER FRA 195.19 4 5 3 – they looked off for the most part of the program and only towards the end started to come to life and show that they really enjoyed what they were doing, for the rest they looked like doing an exercise more likely
5 Oksana DOMNINA / Maxim SHABALIN RUS 193.44 3 4 5 – lovely music but I still don’t get their dance.

Overall I was happy with the results.

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